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3m x 3m Gala Shade Pro 40 Compact Gazebo (Red)

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New Gala Shade Pro-40 Compact Frame Specifications

* Leg size: hexagonal 42mm x 42mm, (50mm x 50mm corner to corner)
* Frame weight: 22kg
* Tube upto 2mm profile aluminium
* Canopy weight: 7kg
* We use robust screws fixing for easy repair
* We use profile aluminum profile centre joints
* We use grey hammer tested Nylon joints,
* We use 6061/T6 aluminium, used in our big modular marquees, far stronger than used by our competitors

Now with 5 Adjustable Height Settings

Position 1:
From ground to valance: 1400mm
From ground to the centre: 1440mm
From ground to the top: 2680mm

Position 2:
From ground to valance: 1550mm
From ground to the centre: 1590mm
From ground to the top: 2830cm

Position 3:
From ground to valance: 1700mm
From ground to the centre: 1740mm
From ground to the top: 2980mm

Position 4:
From ground to valance: 1850mm
From ground to the centre: 1890mm
From ground to the top: 3130mm

Position 5:
From ground to valance: 2000mm
From ground to the centre: 2040mm
From ground to the top: 3280mm


FREE Heavy-Duty wheelie carry case
Material made from 600d Polyester PVC lined cover

Packing Dimensions:

Frame 105 x 41 x 41cm
Canopy 44 x 37 x 13cm

Total Weight:


Optional Equipment See Related Items

* Sidewalls to fully enclose the structure
* Leg Weighted feet
* Ratchet Tie Down Kits + Pegs
* Ground Bar Rail Kit
* Sun Shade Canopy


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Its Super Strong and Its the Best Compact Available

This Gals Shade™ Pro-40™ Compact Gazebo benefits from a very cool innovative design and will collapse small enough to fit in the boot of the car for easy transportation. Not sacrificing quality, the compact pop up gazebo still remains a very robust structure ideal for the family outings, camping, BBQ and lots more, comes as a complete kit just pop up and play.

You're Investing In Quality

The Gala Tent™ brand is renowned in the industry as the highest quality pop up structures on the market, by using the highest quality materials available Gala Tent™ have managed to manufacture products which set the standard for the event industry.

Replacement Parts

We receive hundreds of emails and telephone calls every year from distressed individuals who require a spare joint, pole or canopy for their pop up gazebo, which they have purchased elsewhere, unfortunately we can't assist. This would have been a simple process if they had purchased a Gala Shade™ as all spare parts can be purchased online and delivered next day.

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I made a commercial decision many years ago not to compete on price but compete on quality and value for money. I was well aware of low-price items claiming to be the high specification of Gala Tent. However after many case studies it was clear they are evidently not. What I did was invest in research and development, design and technology and produced the finest range of marquees and gazebos on the market. And I'm sure again you will agree that you can in fact make anything cheaper and we have all bought a product on Price and been very disappointed which comes at a COST. And guess what, Gala Tent is still the market leader and recently posted double digit growth in our first quarter of this year alone.

Gala Tent gazebos are designed and built in Britain. A large number of our competitors despatch from either Germany, Denmark, France or even China and pose as UK companies by using a .co.uk address. Return postage can cost £100's leaving you with more COSTS, and replacement parts will not be available.

Don't get caught out, buy right, first time !!!

Jason Mace, Managing Director

P.S "It's not an event without Gala Tent"

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Finance is a fantastic way to spread the cost of your purchase. To make it easy we’ve added the ability to let you apply for and then complete the loan application quickly and entirely online.

Check your eligibility

Before you apply please note you will only be considered for finance if you:

  • Are having the delivery to a UK address
  • Are having the delivery to the same address as cardholder
  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Are in regular full or part-time employment (minimum 16 hours per week or £5,000 per annum, unless you are retired and receiving a private / company pension or in receipt of disability allowance)
  • Are a permanent UK resident and have lived in the UK for at least 3 years.
  • Have a good credit history with no late payments, debt relief orders, CCJs, IVAs or bankruptcies.

Please note discounts can not be carried over if you are purchasing using finance.

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First add the items you wish to purchase to your basket. When you reach checkout select the best finance option for you and choose 'Buy Now Pay Later'. The quick application form takes no more than a couple of minutes to complete and then you’ll receive an instant decision.

In the unlikely event that you believe you have seen a like for like product at a lower price, then please use this form to request a Price Match.

Another new Designed & Built in Britain innovation from Gala Tent™ is the Gala Shade™ Pro-40™ Compact. This is a pop up gazebo shelter that conveniently packs down small enough to fit into the boot of a small car or any vehicle where space is limited.

You Won’t Find A More Durable Safety Shade

The Gala Shade™ Pro-40™ is the Gala Tent™ mid range heavy-duty gazebo for commercial applications. The Pro-40™ range offers exceptional durability, strength, practicality and value-for-money. The new Gala Shade™ Pro-40™ is never beaten on quality and value for money as the structure is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the commercial market. Our market research shows that our customer is looking for a gazebo that is built to last and easy to repair with a full warranty and back up service of spare parts available on a next day delivery.

Practical uses for the Gala Shade™ Pro-40™ Compact

The Gala Shade™ Pro-40™ Compact Gazebo is Ideal for marketing companies, emergency services, market traders and exhibitors, also great for recreational us such family BBQ or camping weekends. The Compact Shelter offers the ideal solution to companies and individuals with limited transport space and with a packed down size, the Gala Shade™ - Compact is the smallest commercial shelter currently available in today’s market.

This is the TRUE Pro-40™ Trademark product

Which unfortunately for the general public can be confusing when they see 40 in a description elsewhere as other company's measure the framework corner to corner to get 40mm, if you measure a Gala Shade Pro-40 corner to corner you will get over 50mm a huge difference in quality. And you will also find they are only manufacturing the leg pole in 40mm and its unlikely the aluminium will be strong enough to be commercial quality and the rest of the all important frame is usually no better than a domestic gazebo. Remember you can only buy a Pro-40™ from Gala Tent™ as we own the trademark and Patents.

Like all our Pop Up Gazebos Its Super Quick to Erect!

Featuring an easy-up fast build mechanism making the structure easily and quickly erected by two people in just a few minutes.

NEW Recently Upgraded Key Features

* Smart heavy duty ‘quick release-clip’ allows rapid and straightforward leg height adjustment with 5 different height settings

* Seam-sealed 600d UV protected canopy delivers superb weather resistance, no water will leak in!

* Up to 2mm 6061/T6 aluminium weight-bearing frame, in pristine unspoiled polished silver to protect it against the elements.

* Pro-40™ Comes complete with Heavy-duty wheelie easy to store bag with storage compartments for equipment

* Advanced patent Spirotite bolts and Nylon joint technology

* Internal spring loaded framework ensures a taut pround looking canopy

* The canopy and sidewalls are Pro quality with 600d fabric and heavy duty Velcro attaching the sidewalls to the canopy this improves the speed of erection.

You Can Use Gala Shade™ Pro-40™ Almost Anywhere

Gala Shade™ Pro-40™ gazebos are ideal for promotional events, catering, trade stands at exhibitions, market stalls and lots more besides. Bring your imagination into play; we’re sure you can find many other uses for your Gala Shade™ Pro-40™.

Its Completely Generic

All Gala Shade™ Pro canopies and sidewalls are totally generic, which means they will fit all our new Pro framework throughout the range. So lets say you would like to update to a Gala Shade™ Pro-50™ then all you need to buy is a new framework, no other company offers this flexibility.

Enhance Your Company Brand Image.

The Gala Shade™ Pro-40™ range is used by many of Britain’s leading companies for promotional events to raise brands awareness. The quality finish of the Gala Shade™ range mirrors the qualities companies seek to incorporate into their brand identities. You can raise awareness of your product, company and campaign through the use of wide format colour printing speak to our specialist contact centre team to discuss this service on 0800 988 4252 on introduce yourself on our online chat.

You’re investment is in Quality

The material specification of the Gala Shade Pro-40™ indicates it is designed to last. The aluminium leg poles and frame are 42mm in diameter and 2mm in depth: the hexagonal framework (42mm x 15mm) provides exceptional strength, with nylon profile joints and hammer tested colour coordinated grey nylon sliders. This class of Nylon is used in engineering for replacing steel as a more effective hard-wearing solution, which has greater flex tolerance for uneven ground.

Award Wining Pop Up Gazebos

Gala Tent™ is an award winning company and is the preferred supplier for sporting events, Motorsports, market traders, emergency services, military and government bodies throughout Britain

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So far we have had a lot of success with this product and a very promising and detailed case study which is a very good read and listed on the product... have a look this may help with your purchase.

The Gala Shade™ range of commercial quality gazebos was upgraded in recently to a 2mm tube frame and a Patent Spirotite™ bolt. we are sure none of our competitors have invested in this type of quality. This is the difference between your structures failing to deliver cover when needed.

We hear so many story’s of peoples pop up gazebos tube breaking underneath them or just flying away in windy conditions “What a waste of your money”

Gala Shade is unrivalled in quality and value for money so make sure you stand proud at any event hovering over the cheap models. Whatever the weather, whatever the event. Gala Tent™ have got you covered with our wide range of structures to suit all budgets.

The Gala Shade™ has awards in Patent design and technology, features and optional equipment our competitors can only dream off.

So make a commercial decision right now to buy right first time and invest in a durable, commercial quality gazebo from Gala Tent™. You may spend a little more initially, but this purchase will save you heaps of money in the long term and serve the purposed it was intended for...................... Makes sense right?

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Competitor Vs Gala Tent - Hammer Test

Quality Test on Gala Shade Pro MX & Pro 40

Case Study - The Cost of Poor Quality

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Frequently asked questions

The best deal differs from customer to customer. Some customers want the cheapest gazebo possible because they have just a few events a year, whereas some customers want a commercial quality gazebo to hire or to have erected for long periods of time. So, whatever your budget or what your definition of 'the best deal' is we have the perfect gazebo for you.

Call Now: 01709 913990 or click here to email us.

Yes, we can print and brand on all our range of pop up gazebos, Gala Tent can also help with your other promotional print requirements, such as brochures, handouts, PVC banners and pop up display stands.

Call Now: 01709 913990 or click here to email us.

Now in its 20th year in business, Gala Tent is an award winning, market leading company, and is the preferred contract supplier for a number of different organisations, these include marquee hirers, councils, branches of the emergency services and the military. Gala Tent is a trusted brand used by Virgin, Lego, RAC, RAF, high profile film productions, even Google and No 10 Downing Street purchase gazebos from Gala Tent.

Call Now: 01709 913990 or click here to email us.

It`s always stressful planning a party - where to go, what to do? The hassle of transport; local pubs and clubs jam-packed with strangers struggling to buy drinks from the bar. So, we understand why you want to host your own party at home?! You may be celebrating a wedding, moving into a new house or enjoying a summer barbecue. Perhaps your special event is a birthday, anniversary, New Year`s Eve, team building or an office party.

Gala Tent provide an inexpensive way to add glamour and space bringing the outside inside. Be the host with the most - everyone will be talking about your event for years to come. There`s nothing better than inviting friends, family or work colleagues' round for food, drinks and catching up on all the latest news. Our pop up gazebos will provide the extra room you require, and you won`t have to worry about the unpredictable English weather! The gazebo is your insurance ‘cover’. After the event is over you will have a commercial quality gazebo available for future special occasions. You could even hire it out to friends or business associates, and there will always be family members who would love to borrow it.

Call Now: 01709 913990 or click here to email us.

Gala Tent is the market leader in the manufacture and stockist of many sizes of pop up commercial gazebos, I'm sure we will have the size you require in stock as we stock sizes from 3m x 2m to 4m x 8m. Gala Tent also stock specially designed gutter kits and infill panels, so our commercial gazebos can easily be joined together to cover a larger area. However, if you do require a very innovative bespoke gazebo, send in your drawings and we will have look to see if we can help.

Call Now: 01709 913990 or click here to email us.

Literally, just a few minutes. Our team are experienced experts and once you provide them with the information for your event our system will generate you a quote and send this to you via email instantly. However, if it is bespoke work you require then this may take a few days due to calculations and bespoke designs that maybe required.

Call Now: 01709 913990 or click here to email us.

Yes of course, Gala Tent are the preferred supplier to the national market operators association, we sponsor NABMA, LOVE YOUR LOCAL MARKET, FARMA, GROUPE GERAUD and many more. Our market research across Britain indicate that your priority as a market trader is affordability, durability and erect-ability. Gala Tent has responded to your feedback. We’ve designed our pop up gazebos so they are quick to erect; the framework is lightweight yet extremely strong and robust, along with quality material covers. We’ve hit the affordable price point due to mass-production, and not sacrificing quality; this has enabled us to be extremely competitive.

More traders now recognise the benefit of having a market stall that stands out from the crowd. Gala Tent offer a full colour printing service to add extra impact to the visibility of your business, this will in turn drive more traffic to your stall and create more revenue for your business. "a safe and super investment"

Call Now: 01709 913990 or click here to email us.

Yes, we offer finance on our full range of gazebos, this is a fantastic way to spread the cost of your purchase. To make it easy we’ve added the ability to let you apply for and then complete the loan application quickly and entirely online. We offer a range of interest-free and interest-bearing finance options to help you spread the cost of your purchase over 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months, depending on the type of finance you choose. The value of the loan needs to be over £350 and you can choose a deposit of up to 50% of the value of the goods click here for more info.

Call Now: 01709 913990 or click here to email us.

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Delivery Pricing

Gala Tent offer an unrivalled next-day delivery (if ordered before 4pm), delivery is free if you spend £100 or more.

Trusted Contact Centre

Gala Tent agents will never ask you to read out and compromise your credit card banking details over the phone, we use SOTpay which is a fully PCI DSS Compliant digital payment technology speak to us in confidence CALL NOW 01709 913990.

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