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This can be found on a copy of your invoice usually with your emails or Login.
This can be found on a copy of your invoice usually with your emails.
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Online warranty claims rules

  1. You will receive an email update placing an order with instructions to claim your warranty; you will be required to claim your warranty within 30 days of receiving delivery of goods.
  2. Your warranty will expire within 30 days if not claimed, Gala Tent Ltd will assume you are now not the owner of the goods.
  3. Warranty system cannot be resurrected if left to expire.
  4. Warranties are not transferable unless owner is stated on the delivery invoice, which is a different to the card holder or invoice address. i.e. if gift, organisation or company.
  5. An email must be provided if the owner is different from the buyer on the invoice so they can receive warranty instructions. Rule 2 applies if not.
  6. Successful online warranties claims will be activated online where the claimant can redeem replacement goods, which will be allocated as free or part free.
  7. All warranty claims and decisions will be made online and decisions are final and conclusive and you will be given full details of the decision to view.
Please note that bulbs and heater elements are only subject to a limited warranty of 30 days due to their fragile nature.

All products being used for hire are subject to a limited 30 day warranty.
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