Set of 2 - 40kg Concrete Marquee Weights

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Gala Tent's Heavy-Duty Concrete Weights: Stability Meets Versatility

Looking to enhance the stability of your marquee? Seek no further than Gala Tent's latest addition!

Introducing our new heavy-duty concrete weight, meticulously crafted for all-year-round use. Perfectly suited for marquees, this weight champions durability and convenience in one package.

Beyond its robust construction, this weight comes with two ergonomically designed carry handles that double up as anchoring points. Whether you're on soft grass or hard concrete, these weights offer unparalleled stability.

The unique precast recess at its base ensures easy manoeuvrability with a pallet truck or trolley, making setup a breeze.

Your event's security and safety should never be compromised. Be it a grand corporate gala, an intimate private gathering, or simply hospitality coverage, Gala Tent's concrete weights guarantee peace of mind.

Invest in Gala Tent's marquee weights today. Ensure the safety and security of both your marquee and your esteemed guests. With Gala Tent by your side, rest assured your event stays grounded in every sense of the word!
Top of marquee weight
  • Length – 340mm
  • Width – 270mm
  • Height: - 225mm

Bottom of marquee weight
  • Length – 315mm
  • Width – 240mm

Recess of marquee weight
  • At top – 55mm
  • At bottom – 85mm

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