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At Gala Tent, we take immense pride in offering the widest range of pop-up gazebos in the UK, catering to virtually any space or purpose. From budget-friendly garden gazebos to the toughest structures trusted by market traders, professional motorsport teams, and businesses seeking the very best, we have it all.

Our crowning achievement is our UK trademarked brand, the Gala Shade Pro. It has become synonymous with top-tier quality, thanks to our in-house engineers, who've tirelessly refined these structures for over two decades, guided by invaluable customer feedback.

Gala Shade Pro™: Setting the Standard in Quality

Every Gala Shade Pro instant pop up gazebo features a folding concertina scissor action frame. Depending on the model, this frame is crafted from hard-wearing steel or aluminium, ensuring lasting durability. Plus, you'll have the choice of twelve vibrant colours for your 600d PVC-coated polyester canopy.

If you already know which gazebo suits your needs, simply select it and you're on your way. If not, explore our comprehensive Gazebo Buying Guide or dive into our brand-new Interactive Gazebo Brochure for inspiration.

Your Gazebo Buying Experience Made Easy

Would you prefer personalised assistance? Our team of experts is just a phone call away at 01709 242454. Alternatively, start a live chat session or drop us an email, and we'll promptly assist you in finding the perfect gazebo for your requirements. Elevate your outdoor experience with Gala Tent today!"


Pro DX Gazebo

Reasons to love the Pro DX Gazebo

Our entry level gazebo is available to buy in 3m x 3m, uses 32mm octagonal steel legs and hammer tested nylon joints, and comes in any of our twelve incredible colours. It is a perfect garden or occasional commercial use gazebo, and is undoubtedly the strongest cheap gazebo that money can buy.

Pro MX Gazebo

Demystifying Pro Mx Gazebo

32mm heavy duty steel legs and robust steel concertina roof section make up the Pro MX. It uses hammer tested nylon joints, which help this low cost gazebo to withstand regular garden or low commercial use with ease. It is available in 3m x 3m, 3m x 4.5m, and 3m x 6m.

Compact Gazebo

First Look at The Compact Gazebo

When space is at a premium and you need something that packs down a little smaller than any other gazebo, the Compact is a perfect solution. It packs down to an impressive 105cm, instead of the usual 167cm of our standard gazebos, which means that it can fit into the boot of most cars easily. It is available to buy in 3m x 3m, and as usual, it is available in any of our twelve colours. It is ideal for moderate commercial use.

Pro 40 Gazebo

Step Up to The Pro 40 Gazebo

Right in the middle of the range, this commercial quality structure is as sturdy as it is lightweight. Thick aluminium is used to create 40mm hexagonal legs and robust aluminium roof section, which also has an external peak pole spring and profile aluminium central joints to assist with stability in adverse weather. It is available to buy in 3m x 3m, 3m x 4.5m and 3m x 6m sizes, and is ideal for most commercial purposes, but is just as suited for regular private. Due to its lightweight nature, the smaller sizes are also quite simple to be erected by one person.

Pro 50 Gazebo

Pro 50 Gazebo is Exactly What You Are Looking For

As strong a gazebo as you'll find anywhere else, the Pro 50 has been used extensively in almost any commercial application you can think of. It is used by market operators in busy town centres to create bright and versatile stalls, by professional race teams as service tents, hospitality and catering tents, or as storage units. It is perfect for any purpose at all, including very regular commercial use. You can get it in several sizes, from 3m x 3m up to the massive 4m x 8m, so give our team a call to discuss the right one for you.

Pro 60 Gazebo

OMG! The Best PRO GAZEBO Ever!

The biggest and strongest folding gazebo that money can buy. With framework that is a full 20% thicker than any of our competitors' top-of-the-range models, the Pro 60 is the newest addition to the Gala Shade range of gazebos. Double reinforced truss joints mean that it is absolutely the strongest pop-up gazebo available. It is available in 3m x 6m or 4m x 8m, so is best suited for intense commercial use, such as outdoor shelter at a busy pub, or for a race team that needs the best there is.

Buy Printed Gazebos

A plain gazebo is a functional and loyal servant, providing shelter wherever you need it most. However, a printed gazebo bought from Gala Tent can turn your space into an eye-catching advertisement for your brand. Whether it's a simple logo on the walls or it's a dazzling treat for the eyes with digital colour matching and high resolution graphics. Find more information and buy printed gazebos here.

Buy Gazebo Spares

If you buy a gazebo from Gala Tent, you are safe in the confidence and knowledge that spare parts are available for same-day dispatch on all of our gazebos. Whether it's a couple of bolts or it's a full gazebo leg, you can save yourself hundreds of pounds by taking spares and repairing the structure yourself.

Buy Gazebo Accessories

Gala Tent sells all of the wonderful accessories you can need to make the best of your gazebo. With a solid range of heating, lighting, furniture, premium brand gazebo flooring and various methods of anchoring your gazebo effectively.

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