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Street Food Gazebos

Gala Tent have a range of high quality commercial grade gazebos which are ideal for use as street food gazebos. Gala Shade gazebos are ideal for street food traders who are looking for a high quality trading stand which is fully customisable.

Gala Tent gazebos are quickly replacing the old style market stalls as they are a lot stronger and also easier to assemble. Gala Tent is now the preferred supplier to countless markets and market associations throughout Europe.

A lot of people love their local market so it's important that traders look as professional as possible to make themselves and the market look as appealing as possible. It’s important that traders stand out from the crowd and look like a polished, professional and well established trader. Scruffy tarpaulin sheeted frames do not cut it these days so invest now in a professional street food stall. Standing out from the crowd and portraying a clear brand image is vital, it's important to consider printing and branding when buying a market stall, it's a worthwhile investment in your brand.

The best advice Gala Tent can give you is "don't buy cheap" in the gazebo domain you definitely get what you pay for, too many stallholders lose not only their gazebo but most of their stock at the first signs of adverse weather. there is also the embarrassment factor to consider when your gazebo blows away and other stall holders are looking taking photos and basically laughing all the way to the bank as their competitor is out of the game packing up and going home.

Check out these handy links to help you make your street food stand as effective as possible:

Printed gazebos – Printing on your gazebo is the number one branding option for street food traders.
Market trader packages – A market trader package provides everything you need to be a successful trader.
Gala Graphics – Gala Graphics is the sister company to Gala Tent, they can provide you with all the promotional material you could need.

Not to mention, a quality gazebo can have a substantial impact on your business, after all appearance is so very important, it's like having your own little mobile shop. You wouldn’t turn up in dirty overalls for job interview now would you? Image is everything when it comes to trading, make sure your brand is exactly how it should be with the Gala Tent 3D Designer app.