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Don't get rained off any more! Work Tents keep you covered.

Welcome to Gala Tent, we offer a comprehensive range of structures used as a work tent available on a free next day delivery.

Gala Tent work tents are an excellent option for construction workers, builders, archaeologists and a host of other outdoor work and activities who require a work tent for shelter. Gala Tent offer unrivaled quality work tents in a range of sizes, styles and colours. The patent design and hard wearing materials used to produce Gala Tent structures means that they can be used effectively for work, with a comprehensive range of spare parts available in case any part of the tent is damaged.

Whether you require a work tent for short term or long term use, Gala Tent can provide a work tent for you:

Gala Tent Gazebo work tents are the number one choice when it comes to short term cover. Their easily erected pop up framework means that they can be set up in a matter of seconds, providing an effective work tent shelter.

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Gala Tent Marquee work tent design means that it can be used on site as a work tent over an extended period of time. Marquees offer a variety of configuration options, making them the most versatile work tent option, with 23 size options.

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Gala Tent Fusion Marquees main benefit is its unique Patent design where we have saved on build costs but also designed the structure so its easily transportable and will fit on a pallet lowering transport costs. The fusion is designed to cover large area and starts a 9m x 9m structure and available from stock 9m x 30m and free next day delivery. Gala Tent can also manufacture any bespoke structure.... just ask?

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In house promotional printing and branding

As you area at work you may want to display your company brand and contact information on the work tent, this is free advertising so why not, for a little investment you have the option of printing to raise brands and company awareness.

Now in its 20th year in business, Gala Tent is an award winning company, and the preferred contract supplier for many hire companies, councils and branches of the emergency services and the military. Gala Tent is trusted brand used by Virgin, Lego, RAC, RAF, high profile film productions, even Google and No 10 Downing Street purchase from Gala Tent.