Set of 2 - 13kg Cast Iron Leg Gazebo Weights

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Secure Your Event with Gala Tent's Premium 13kg Cast Iron Gazebo Weights!

Organising an event? Ensure it remains undisturbed, whatever the weather.

While Gala Tent Marquees and pop up gazebos stand tall as the most robust event tents in their price range, nature can sometimes throw in unexpected challenges. Guard against those unpredictable gusts with our specially designed gazebo weights.

Crafted meticulously from cast iron, these marquee and gazebo leg weights not only ensure stability but also exude an aura of sleekness. Sold in pairs, each weight provides a hefty 13kg of anchorage. While a single weight per foot is commonly recommended, we believe in leaving no room for chance. For optimal security, consider placing TWO gazebo weights on each foot.

Functionality blends with ease of use. Their circular design with a strategically cut-out groove ensures they slide onto the foot seamlessly. And that's not all - with holes punched through, these weights can be further anchored on soft terrains by pegging them down, ensuring double the safety!

Don't leave your event's success to chance. Invest in Gala Tent's 13kg Cast Iron Gazebo Weights. Ensure safety, stability, and peace of mind.

Order today, and let every event unfold flawlessly! 


Features and Specification:
* Cast Iron
* Weights leg pole up to 50mm
* Stackable construction
* Carry handle

Recommended sets of weighted feet for Gala Shade
3m x 3m – QTY: x 2
3m x 4.5m – QTY: x2
3m x 6m - QTY: x3

Packing: 29 x 25 x 9cm

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