4m x 6m Gala Shade Pro Gazebo Canopy (Green)

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4m x 6m Gala Shade Pro Gazebo Canopy - Your Perfect Outdoor Companion

Experience the best of outdoor events without the classic British weather interruptions! Ready for rain or shine, our 4m x 6m gazebo canopy is your shield against the unpredictable elements.

Crafted from 600d PVC-coated polyester, this canopy isn't just any regular covering - it's a testament to superior quality and protection. Boasting a hydrostatic head of 6000 and designed with UV protected materials, it ensures you remain covered, come rain or intense sun. Exclusively tailored for the heavy-duty 4m x 6m Gala Shade Pro 50 Pop-Up Gazebo, its durability and fit are unmatched.

Thinking of giving your beloved gazebo a makeover? Dive into our vibrant range of twelve stunning colours. From classic white and black to the bold pink and the adventurous camo-style Leaftree design, there's a shade for every mood and occasion. Revitalise your outdoor space with a splash of colour and renewed confidence!

Don't let the weather dictate your outdoor moments. Elevate your Gala Tent experience and embrace the outdoors like never before. Choose your favourite shade and make your next outdoor event a memorable one!

Colour Options: White, Red, Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Taupe, Purple, and the unique Camo-style Leaftree design.

Experience the outdoors, undisturbed by the weather, with Gala Tent.


4m x 6m Gala Shade Pro Gazebo Canopy: Product Specifications

Features and Specifications:

  • Material: 600d heavy-duty polyester, ensuring resilience against wear and tear.
  • Coating: Inner side features a protective layer of PVC, enhancing waterproof capabilities.
  • Corner Reinforcement: Equipped with robust Velcro, ensuring maximum strength and longevity.
  • Reinforced Sections: Both mid-sections and the peak pole area have been bolstered for enhanced durability.
  • Peak Pole Section: Features a locating strap, ensuring a perfect fit every time.
  • Sidewall Attachment: The canopy's valance is equipped with Velcro to easily attach sidewalls.
  • Framework Security: Built-in locating straps seamlessly tie the canopy to its framework, guaranteeing stability.
  • Customisation: Optional printing service available to personalise and brand your canopy to suit any event or business needs.

Packaging Details:

  • Dimensions: 58cm (L) x 55cm (W) x 14cm (H)
  • Weight: 13kg

Invest in a canopy designed with precision and crafted for longevity.

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