4m x 8m Gala Tent Marquee Luxury Lining

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Experience The Grandeur: 4m x 8m Marquee Lining by Gala Tent 

Attention Marquee Enthusiasts:
Visualise your 4m x 8m marquee transformed into a palatial space oozing charm and elegance. With Gala Tent's exclusive satin lining, it's not just possible; it's a promise we deliver!

Why Our Satin Lining Is Your Perfect Pick: 

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Our satin linings are more than just adornments; they are the embodiment of luxury and safety combined.

Assured Safety: Our linings aren't just about beauty; they uphold the highest safety standards, rigorously tested to BS 5867:1980 specifications.

Tailor-Made for Perfection: Carefully designed to fit every 2m bay, these linings ensure seamless integration, promising an immersive aesthetic experience.

Versatility at Its Best: Whether setting up a lavish garden luncheon or creating a delightful space for your clientele, this lining morphs your marquee into an irresistible haven.

Your Next Step:
Elevate your marquee game! Dive into an ocean of opulence with our 4m x 8m marquee lining and watch your venue radiate sheer grandiosity.

With Gala Tent, Every Occasion Becomes An Extravaganza.

Product Specification: 4m x 8m Lining

Design & Modularity:

Modular System: Equipped with 2m bay fittings for versatile configurations.
Extensibility: Designed for easy extension with the Add-on-Bay feature.
Appearance: Adorned with sophisticated white satin lining covers.

Roof: Offers a 2m roof section for optimal coverage.
Additional Elements: Each set is paired with an elegant pelmet and x2 sidewalls for a complete look.
Safety & Standards:

Fire Protection: Certified as fire retardant for maximum safety.
Compliance: Meets the BS 5867:1980 Part 2 standard.

Exquisite finish with 2m sections elegantly gathered into 1m.

Elevate your venue's aesthetics with our 4m x 8m Lining, blending top-tier safety with unparalleled design finesse.

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