6m Gala Shade Pro 40 Gazebo Sun Shade Awning Kit

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Elevate Your Gazebo Experience with Our Sun Shade Awning!

Dive into a revolutionised outdoor experience with our Sun Shade Awning attachment. Crafted meticulously for those blazing summer days, this awning guarantees not just shade but a thriving marketplace for your goods.

Here's Why Our Sun Shade Awning is a Game-Changer

Enhanced Customer Comfort: Create an inviting space where your customers can browse at ease, shielded from the summer's intensity.

Boost Your Revenue: Witness a surge in your takings with this indispensable market trader accessory. More comfort often means more sales.

Optimise Space: Strategically place your trade table under the awning, freeing up valuable workspace at the rear.

Add Value to Your Hire Business: If you're in the hire industry, this versatile accessory can become a sought-after addition to your inventory.

All-in-One Package: The product comes complete with a robust framework, canopy cover, and sidewalls.

Customisable & Versatile: Our Sun Shade Canopy isn't just about functionality. Personalise it with your logo or a compelling message to amplify your brand visibility at events. Whether the skies pour or the sun blazes, your customers and goods remain protected. Particularly popular among vendors of fresh produce, cakes, drinks, and other delectables, this awning ensures your merchandise stays in prime condition.

Choose the Sun Shade Awning – where comfort meets style and functionality.

Product Specifications for Sun Shade Awning:

  • Material: Crafted from high-quality 600d PVC lined polyester, ensuring durability and resilience against varying weather conditions.
  • Assembly: Comes with user-friendly holding arms for effortless assembly.
  • Support Bar: Features a left-to-right galvanised, spring-loaded support bar for added stability and ease of use.
  • Front Lappet: A generous 10cm lappet provides extra protection and design flair.
  • Canopy Coverage: Offers a spacious 2ft of canopy cover, shielding your goods and customers effectively.
  • Sides: The awning comes with removable sides, providing flexibility based on your setup preferences.
  • Eyelets: Fitted with silicon eyelets for superior grip and durability.
  • Patent Information: This innovative design is patented under No. GB 1405711.1, attesting to its unique features and top-notch quality.
Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, this Sun Shade Awning offers the best blend of style and functionality for your gazebo.

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