6m x 8m Gala Tent Marquee Luxury Lining

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Step into Luxury with Gala Tent’s Premium Satin Lining!

Dreaming of a marquee makeover? Picture a space that radiates opulence and grandeur.

Gala Tent proudly introduces its 6m x 8m marquee satin lining. Beyond its undeniable allure, it's a hallmark of safety and quality. Adhering to the BS 5867:1980 standards, our fire-resistant materials ensure you’re not just choosing luxury, but also peace of mind.

Envision your garden transformed into a serene oasis or your business space exuding an atmosphere of upscale elegance. Our satin lining metamorphoses your 6m x 8m marquee, making it a prime spot for relaxation, dining, or engaging with valued guests.

Details matter. Our lining is intricately designed, with panels tailored for every 2m bay inside the marquee's roof. Complementing this, the bunched satin graces the inner sidewalls and pelmet, encapsulating the very essence of aesthetic brilliance for your 6m x 8m Gala Tent Marquee.

Set the stage for unforgettable moments. Step up the ambiance, embrace elegance, and immerse yourself in the Gala Tent experience. Discover luxury today!


Product Specification

Design & Modularity:

Modular System: Designed with 2m bay fittings for adaptable arrangements.
Extensibility: Easily extendable with the unique Add-on-Bay feature.
Appearance: Finished in a refined white satin lining for a premium look.

Components & Features:

Roof: Comes with a 2m roof section, ensuring comprehensive cover.
Sidings: The set includes an elegant pelmet and x2 sidewalls, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality.

Safety & Compliance:

Fire Safety: Built to be fire retardant, prioritising safety at all times.
Standards: Fully compliant with the BS 5867:1980 Part 2 standard, ensuring quality and reliability.


Thoughtfully designed with a 2m segment, artistically gathered into 1m portions for a sophisticated touch.

Experience unmatched quality, functionality, and elegance with our latest product, designed to meet the highest standards in the industry.

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