Markets and Outdoor Retail

Gala Tent is a very well known name in the world of markets and outdoor retail. From our significant sponsorships of NABMA and the Love Your Local Market initiative, to supplying thousands of heavy duty pop-up market stalls to operators up and down the country, we're a name that is engrained in the world of market day operating.

At almost every town market or country fair, pop-up gazebos have become a very common sight throughout the year. Usually, if a bad wind picks up, the only ones still standing are the well-anchored Gala Shade pop-up gazebos. This is not by accident; we have dedicated over two decades to developing our products to withstand adverse weather conditions, and this is why Gala Tent is the preferred name of many market operators and outdoor traders. This page is our guide to the most popular products in the industry.

Benefits of Gala Tent Products for Markets and Outdoor Retail

All Weather Protection

Branding and Customisable

Commercial Quality

Popular Gala Tent products for Markets and Outdoor Retail

3m x 3m Gala Shade Pro 50

The UK's most popular market stall gazebo, the Gala Shade Pro 50 is in use at town and city markets up and down the UK. Brixton Electric Avenue and Portobello, Rotherham and Barnsley, Bolton and Keswick, all of these markets have transitioned from old-style market stall framework to modern Pro 50 pop-up gazebos. They are suited for the purpose due to their ultra-strong framework and water-resistant covers. The Pro 50 is built for regular use in busy spaces, and with a five year framework warranty, this gazebo offers peace of mind and confidence.

Price from: £494.99
Suitability for Daily Use 
3m x 6m Gala Shade Pro 50

For traders and operators that require something larger, then the Pro 50 in 3m x 6m is the most popular gazebo. The double-sided nature of it makes it perfect for two traders sharing a space, or for one trader to keep more of their stock beneath a robust shelter. For extra eye-catching benefits, go for custom-printing on the covers, which could be a simple name or logo of the traders, or perhaps a colour-matched dye-sublimation printed cover would better suit your brand? The Pro 50 has 50mm hexagonal legs as part of its full aluminium frame, which includes profile aluminium joints and fixings. Profile aluminium is much less brittle than the cast alloys of many other retailers of this kind of product.

Price from: £494.99
3m x 3m Gala Shade Pro Compact Gazebo

Outdoor retail isn't restricted to town and city markets, and can also cover occasional seasonal fairs and shows, filled with artisan crafters and food produce manufacturing sole traders. Many of these people are not blessed with a large van to transport a solid shelter as well as the goods for sale. With this in mind, Gala Tent has developed a compact pop-up gazebo that can fold down to just 105cm in length. This development is thanks to half-sized components and double-telescopic legs. The framework uses the same materials as the commercial quality Gala Shade Pro 40 gazebo, and the universal water-resistant covers of our full gazebo range remain. This gazebo is small enough to fit into the boot of most cars, leaving you with plenty of space in the car for your goods.

Price from: £450.99

Other Popular Gala Tent Products for Markets and Outdoor Retail

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