3m x 6m Gala Shade Pro 60 Gazebo (Pop Up Frame Only)

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Gala Shade Pro 60 Gazebo: Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Step into a world where strength meets sophistication. Introducing the Gala Shade Pro 60 Gazebo, celebrated as the pinnacle of pop up gazebos in the UK.

Unrivalled Robustness: Standing 20% larger than its closest competitors, this gazebo isn't just a shelter; it's a statement.

Precision-Engineered: Boasting 60mm hexagonal aluminium legs, fortified truss sections interlinked by doubly-reinforced joints, and an external peak pole spring designed for enhanced wind resilience.

Adapt to Your Needs: Available in expansive dimensions of 3m x 6m and 4m x 8m, with the promise of the sought-after 4m x 6m size arriving later this year.

Versatility Personified: Perfect for bustling motorsport arenas, vibrant markets, interactive scouting events, spirited festivals, meticulous professional valeting spots, and so much more. If you seek unmatched quality, the Gala Shade Pro 60 is your answer.

Join a league of discerning individuals and organisations who don't just settle for good but demand the best.

Make every outdoor event memorable with the robust elegance of the Gala Shade Pro 60 Gazebo. After all, when it comes to outdoor experiences, why compromise?

Choose Gala Shade Pro 60, because exceptional events demand exceptional shelters.
60mm hexagonal aluminium legs
Profile aluminium joints and fixings
Double reinforced truss joints for strength
Heavy Duty Carry Bag
Internal peak pole spring
Adjustable height settings

Now With 5 Adjustable Height Settings
Position 1:
From ground to valance: 1400mm
From ground to the centre: 1440mm
From ground to the top: 2680mm

Position 2:
From ground to valance: 1550mm
From ground to the centre: 1590mm
From ground to the top: 2830cm

Position 3:
From ground to valance: 1700mm
From ground to the centre: 1740mm
From ground to the top: 2980mm

Position 4:
From ground to valance: 1850mm
From ground to the centre: 1890mm
From ground to the top: 3130mm

Position 5:
From ground to valance: 2000mm
From ground to the centre: 2040mm
From ground to the top: 3280mm

Packing Dimension
Frame - 163cm x 65cm x 36cm
Weight - 65kg

Total - 65

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