Teardrop Feather Flag

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Gala Graphics Tear Drop Flag Poles are one of our most popular forms of banners.Their sturdy structure and teardrop shaped design make them not only eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, but also perfect for Visibility, Wind Resistance and Portability. The Flag is the ideal option for fetes, fairs, county shows, sporting events, markets, and advertising in almost any situation on both soft or hard ground.

Gala Graphics renowned printing team use advanced printing methods to ensure each of our flags is manufactured to the highest professional standard.

For the single-sided Tear Drop Flag there is approximately 95% image visibility on the reverse, so your message is clearly visible on both sides.

* Heavy Duty Tubular Framework
* Tapered Multi Section Push Fit Glass Fibre Poles
* Steel Reinforced Joints
* Three Designs in Three different sizes
* A Large Range of High Quality Weights and Accessories

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