3m Gala Tent Marquee Elite End Wall (100% PVC) - Pair

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Whether you require a Gala Tent front or back panel, these panels are interchangeable.

They can also be used as a room divider to separate your bays for a private area or another business, trade stand, market stall, exhibition or cooking area etc.

As 2013 saw the introduction of Dutch Lacing for the new 100% PVC Gala Tents, the End panels benefits from 3 different dutch lacing sets along the length, which will provide three choices of door sizes;
*Small door entry for people
*Medium door entry to give a little more leeway
* Or a large door entry for a vehicle etc…

Please note that there are no longer zips on the doors and in fact these are now done up by the Dutch Lacing technique.
This can be done from the inside to keep the ties on the inside of the Marquee
Features and Specifications

* Watertight tense welded material
* 3 different size door entries on end panel, for multi use
* Industrial Dutch-lacing fastening on the panels and the doorways
* 650g 100% Heavy-Duty PVC commercial quality self-cleaning covers
* British fire-rated to BS 5438 and BS 7837
* Heavy duty eyelets

Packaging Details
Dimensions: 58x46x17cm
Weight: 11kg

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