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Introducing Gala Tent's Heavy Duty Pegs: Secure Your Event with Confidence!

Outdoor Enthusiasts & Event Organisers!
When it comes to anchoring your outdoor setups, you shouldn't have to break the bank for robust reliability. Enter Gala Tent's Heavy Duty Pegs – simple, cost-effective, and exceptionally reliable.

Crafted from ribbed, forged steel, these tent pegs promise durability without the hefty price tag. Whether it's a marquee, gazebo, or even some bouncy castles (do ensure you check safety guidelines), these pegs are designed to offer steadfast support.

Here's why they're a must-have for every outdoor event:

Versatile Application: Perfect for securing camping tents, awning ropes, tarpaulins, and more.
Efficient Design: Can be directly used with lines and ropes, or can function alongside marquee ground bars, essentially 'stapling' your marquee into the soft ground.

Optimal Spacing Recommendation: If you're considering using these pegs with marquee ground bars, we suggest at least one peg for every 2m bay of your marquee for optimum stability.

Don't let the unpredictable outdoors dampen your event's spirit. Ensure stability and peace of mind with Gala Tent's Heavy Duty Pegs. Click and buy now and take a step towards a secure and memorable outdoor experience.

For anchors that stand the test of time and terrain, trust Gala Tent


Gala Tent Peg Specifications:
  • Material: Hardened ribbed steel for enhanced durability and sturdiness.
Peg Dimensions:
  • Length: 15.35 inches (390mm) - note, length may vary slightly based on the production batch.
  • Diameter: 12mm.
  • Round Top Width: 3 inches (76mm).
Design: Unique to Gala Tent, ensuring compatibility and optimum performance with Gala products.

Recommended Quantity for Gala Tent Ground Bars:

3m x 2m: 10 pegs
3m x 3m: 12 pegs
3m x 4m: 14 pegs
3m x 6m: 18 pegs
3m x 8m: 22 pegs
3m x 10m: 26 pegs
3m x 12m: 30 pegs
4m x 4m: 16 pegs
4m x 6m: 20 pegs
4m x 8m: 24 pegs
4m x 10m: 28 pegs
4m x 12m: 32 pegs
6m x 4m: 20 pegs
6m x 6m: 24 pegs
6m x 8m: 28 pegs
6m x 10m: 32 pegs
6m x 12m: 36 pegs

Recommended Quantity for Gala Shade Ground Bars:

3m x 3m: 12 pegs
3m x 4.5m: 12 pegs
3m x 6m: 18 pegs

To ensure your tent is properly anchored, use the recommended number of pegs based on your tent size. Proper pegging not only stabilises your tent but also extends its longevity by reducing stress on the material and structure.

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