4m x 4m Gala Tent Marquee (Framework Only)

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Full Gala Tent framework, includes legs, joints & fixings, footplates everything except covers. Total Weight Approx 37.80kg

1 x 4m Master Carton
4 x A Poles, Rafter
3 x B Poles, Apex and Eave Pole
4 x C Poles, Leg
1 x 4m Add on Carton
2 x A Rafter Pole
3 x B Pole Apex and Eave Pole
2 x C Leg Pole
1 x 4m x 4m Joints and Fixings
8 x Base Plates
6 x 3 Way Apex Joints
3 x 4 Way Apex Joints
12 x Base Plate Nut and Bolt
4 x Guide Ropes
30 x Wing Nuts
40 x Bungee Strap
4 x Guide Rope Peg
82 x Sidewall Ground Peg
The Gala Tent range of marquees is built to last. We've listed below the key features of the Gala Tent specification; combined we believe these features make Gala Tent the most durable marquee of its kind in the world:

* British fire-rated to BS 5438 and BS 7837
* Strong tubular steel frame (up to 44mm).
* Tube wall thickness upto 1.2mm
* Powder coated framework
* Locating/retaining screw at each joint for stability and strength
* Full instructions and care manual

Height Dimensions:
Eave Height: 205cm
Centre Apex Height: 310cm

People Capacity:
Standing Auditorium Style: 24
Seated With Table: 12

Structure Size:
4m x 4m (aprox: 13ft x 13ft)

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