6m x 6m Gala Tent Fusion Marquee

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Gala Tent Fusion Marquee: Reinventing Resilience & Elegance

Introducing Gala Tent's crowning jewel, the Fusion Marquee. When it's about making a statement that stands firm against time and elements, this is your go-to.

Best of Both Worlds: Fusion isn't just a name; it's our promise. Combining commercial-grade strength with pocket-friendly pricing, we've crafted the ultimate tent experience.

Rugged Elegance: Harnessing the power of industrial-strength aluminium, advanced tensioning systems, and premium 650g modular PVC covers, Fusion is in a class of its own.

Flexibility at its Best: Starting from a refined 6m x 6m, the modular design can scale up to a staggering 9m x 60m+, giving you the freedom to adapt and expand with your ever-evolving needs.

Feature-Rich: Comes equipped with a self-cleaning 650g PVC roof, versatile end panels, three-door options, and individual sidewalls adorned with privacy blinds.

Legacy of Excellence: With a warranty of 3 years on marquee covers, our commitment to your satisfaction is evident.

Event-Ready: Perfect for grand music festivals, corporate galas, agricultural exhibitions, and more.

A top pick for marquee rental agencies focused on quality and value.

For over two decades, Gala Tent has been at the forefront, redefining strength and elegance in the marquee industry. When others falter in face of challenges, our marquees stand tall and unyielding.

Don't just host an event; create an enduring impression with the Fusion Marquee. Because with Gala Tent, you're not just buying a tent; you're investing in an experience. Choose the best, because you deserve it.

Feature Highlights & Technical Specifications

  • Constructed with hard-pressed extruded aluminium, specifically 6061/T6 grade.
  • Sturdy main pole dimensions: 60x46x2.5mm.
  • Canopy crafted from premium 650g, 100% PVC material.
  • Sidewalls also designed with the same high-quality 650g, 100% PVC.
  • Certified flame retardant, meeting DIN 4102 B1 and M2 standards.
  • Proud holder of PATENT GB 1021341.1.

Key Dimensions

  • Side elevation: 2.2m
  • Peak height: 3.35m
  • Interval between bays: 3m

Tolerates maximum wind speeds up to 55mph.

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