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How can a gazebo be used commercially?

All pop-up gazebo canopies can be customised to your business through our printing services.

Car valeting and car washing services

A pop-up gazebo is ideal to use both as your primary station for your car washing business, if you are working in a car park, for example, but also to cover you whilst you wash the car if it’s bad weather. Since pop-up gazebos are so quick to put up, they’re a really easy way to get cover from rain whilst you wash a customer’s car.

You can also use a larger gazebo with walls to act like a temporary garage, where a customer can drive their car into and under the gazebo so that you can hand wash it.

Instead of a market stall

Lots of traders prefer a pop up gazebo to a traditional market stall. Here’s how they compare:


Pop-up Gazebo

Market Stall


One main frame, plus a canopy

On average 15-20 components

Easy to put up?

Very quick to put up, often favoured by first time traders because of this

Takes slightly longer to put up, but offers a lot of flexibility. Quicker to assemble as you get more familiar with the stall.


Generally lighter than a market stall. Heavy-duty, high quality will be around 45kg

More heavy-duty. Tends to be around 60kg.


Occasional cleaning of canopy and frame.

Possible retreatment of canopy with waterproofing spray and sealant.

More frequent cleaning to prevent rust.


Tend to be made of aluminium frames which do not rust and PVC/polyester canopies. Canopy quality varies depending on manufacturing process.

Normally steel frames which are generally stronger than aluminium but more susceptible to rust and heavier, therefore harder to transport.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Reasonably flexible – can add walls, half walls and windows. Can be expanded using multiple gazebos.

Very flexible in terms of size and shape by simply adding more components. Takes time to assemble adds on.


Reasonably durable. High-quality gazebos arguably match market stalls as long as cared for properly. Potentially more failure points because of quick erection.

Very durable. No moving parts so damage mainly comes from rust over time. If cared for properly can last for decades.

Street food stalls and pop-up catering

Why use a gazebo?

  • Cheaper than a static hut or stall
  • Don’t need any insurance
  • Ideal for starting out if you don’t have huge amounts of cash flow initially
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to put and down
  • Cheap to customise with printing services

Gazebos are becoming a more popular option for street food vendors, partly because they are so easy to set up and transport – making them more flexible than traditional food stalls.

We recommend you purchase a half wall with your gazebo

This covers your food service area, makes the gazebo look more like a traditional stall and gives opportunity for extra branding.

Exhibition Stands

What a pop-up gazebo offers:

  • Great way to advertise your brand by using a customised, printed canopy
  • Very easy to put up and take down at the end of the day, so set-up won’t take long
  • Easy to transport from workplace to exhibition; can easily fit in a car boot
  • Easy to extend by using multiple gazebos

Use banner flags and side walls to sell your brand

Certain accessories and add-ons are very suitable for commercial use. Side walls help to transform your gazebo into a stand and offer opportunity for further advertisement.

Banner flags look great next to your gazebo to re-affirm your brand, make your gazebo stand out and attract visitors.

Brand up your gazebo with customised printing

Customised printing means you can add any logo or text to your canopy to advertise your business. We can do vinyl, dye sublimation or PVC printing and print on the inside or outside of your gazebo.

Watch this video to see how gazebos can be used as market stalls:

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