Gala Performance Announces Exciting New Project

We are delighted for our colleagues at Gala Performance, as they have today announced something extremely special, which is the result of many months of work and planning.  

For followers of Gala Performance on social media, you may have noticed some vague teasers promising something big coming on Monday 4th December, and today thy have let the cat out of the bag, big time.  


In an exciting development, Gala Performance is all set to launch a brand-new motorsport magazine - GPQ, short for Gala Performance Quarterly. With a focus on offering more than just a product brochure, GPQ aims to be a comprehensive 40-page magazine dedicated to providing assistance, advice, and valuable editorial content to the motorsport community, and of course there’ll be editorial content on all of the amazing products available to buy from Gala Performance. 


This credible resource is poised to become a valuable resource for the motorsport industry, building a meaningful connection between the brand and its audience, giving them the perfect opportunity to strengthen their subject authority and build trust with their customers.  


If you're as excited as we are about this amazing project then be sure to subscribe to Gala Performance to receive your digital copy of GPQ directly into your inbox on December 4th.

A spoof racing event ticket with the words "Something Big is Coming" on it

GPQ: A Reliable Guide for Motorsport Enthusiasts 


The first issue of GPQ is heavily focused on helping those new to motorsport navigate the challenging world. It includes guides on setting up an effective paddock space, approaches to obtaining sponsorship, recommendations for the best low budget race series and great directories for beginners. In an extra special twist, it also features an interview with our friend, the professional racing driver Max Coates, who shares his strategies for securing sponsorship. 


Future Issues of GPQ: What to Expect? 


Future issues of GPQ will cover diverse topics such as Club Racing, Drifting, Motorbike racing, and karting, each with a feature interview from teams and individuals who have achieved some success in their field of motorsport. The magazine will be released every three months, offering readers a unique perspective from a motorsport supplier. 


 If you know them, then you’ll already know that Gala Performance is not just another name in the industry. Born out of a genuine love for motorsport, it's a testament to more than two decades of manufacturing and engineering brilliance. Over the past seven years, Gala Performance has consistently grown, becoming one of the fastest developing brands in motorsport today. 


What Does Gala Performance Offer? 


From pop-up and freestanding motorsport awnings to premium printed promotional flags, banners, and pit walling, Gala Performance is a one-stop-shop for high-quality motorsport supplies. They also boast the accolade of being the longest-standing stockist of Swisstrax Modular Flooring in the UK. 


Supporting the Motorsport Industry 


Gala Performance's support for motorsport extends beyond being a mere supplier. Alongside Gala Tent, they've sponsored many significant motorsport entities, including the World Endurance Championship winners, United Autosports, and the British Drift Championship. They also had a proud stint as title sponsors for the Toyota MR2 Championship for two seasons. 


Gala Performance Racing: The Company's Own Race Team 


Apart from being a top-notch motorsport supplier, Gala Performance also owns a race team - Gala Performance Racing. The team, which includes company directors Mark Thompson and Andrew Scott, competes in the popular C1 Racing Club’s endurance series, the C1 Challenge. Over the years, the team has grown in stature, demonstrating their passion and commitment to the sport. 


A Playground for Professional Drivers: The C1 Challenge 


The C1 Challenge, an endurance racing series, is known for its affordability and fierce competition. Because of the low cost compared to other forms of racing, it has become a popular playground for professional drivers looking for extra practice and seat time. Gala Performance Racing has participated in numerous races, including the 24hrs of Rockingham and the historic 24hrs of Silverstone. 


A Complete Website Overhaul 


Alongside the launch of GPQ, Gala Performance's website is also getting a significant overhaul for a cleaner visitor experience. The revamp is being carried out by Gala Performance's sister company GEM, who have spent several months devising, writing and designing both the new magazine and the website, with Gala Tent's very own in-house IT legends responsible for building the website. The team is excited about these new developments and wishes Gala Performance all the best in their new ventures going into the new year. 

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