A guide to Marquee and Gazebo Weights

A Gala Shade Pop-Up Gazebo or Gala Tent Marquee is a substantial piece of kit, and depending on the model you select, can take the force of consistent winds of up to around 30mph, or even 55mph in the case of our industrial strength Gala Tent Fusion Marquee. However, it does take a degree of common sense and due care when deciding whether or not to erect a gazebo in windy conditions, and even if it’s a calm day there is always the potential for a rogue gust of wind to catch beneath your tent, so we would always recommend that you add gazebo weights or anchor points to the gazebo, to ensure that it is being used safely. This is our guide to marquee and gazebo weights to help you choose wisely for your tent.

The Marquee and Gazebo Weights to buy from Gala Tent

Gazebo Weight Bags

The gazebo leg weights bags (sold in pairs) are canvas sleeves which would require you to fill with a heavy substance such as sand or gravel, and you then strap one to each leg of your tent. When filled properly they will provide around 10kg of anchorage per bag, and we recommend a minimum of one per leg. The benefits to these items are that they allow you to travel light, provided you have something to fill the bags with when you get to your destination.

Price from: £12.49
Weight Added 
13kg Cast Iron Weights

These Cast Iron Weights (sold in pairs) are exactly what they say they are. Cast Iron discs, with an insert cut from them to enable you to sit the weights around the leg and on the feet of your tent. They have been effective methods of anchoring a gazebo or marquee for several years, and we recommend that you use a minimum of one per leg. They are heavy for transporting, but they provide immediate and effective weighting for your tent. Please be aware that this product is NOT suitable for a marquee that has ground bars in use.

Price from: £84.99
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50Kg Water-filled Weight Bags

These fillable tent weights (sold individually) are a product developed for our sister company Gala Performance, which is a specialist motorsport supplier. The items have been designed to transport exceptionally light, but can be filled with water at your destination to provide an unrivalled 50kgs of gazebo anchorage. The cost per kilo of anchorage in these products cannot be beaten anywhere in the UK, and they have proved incredibly popular since they were launched.

Price from: £42.99
Weight Added 
40kg Concrete Weights

This robust block of solid concrete (sold individually, or in bundles of 4 or 10 weights) are a fantastic way of anchoring your marquee or gazebo. They can be attached to your tent's frame using heavy duty ratchet straps, and if you have one of these on each corner, or each leg then you can be confident that your tent isn't going anywhere, although with larger structures then we recommend erring on the side of caution and adding extra weights to ensure safety. They provide ample anchorage, and are very heavy, so be sure to assess your vehicle's loading capacity before taking many of these around.

Price from: £174.99
Weight Added 

Alternative marquee and gazebo weight products

Any of the above options are as suited for soft ground as they are concrete and hard standing surfaced, but if you’d prefer something a little more discrete and lightweight when erecting your tent, then the Tie-Down Ratchet Strap Storm Kits (sold in pairs) are the product for you.

Heavy Duty Storm Kits

Each piece is made up of super strong ratchet strap, coupled with a heavy duty tent peg, and will enable your tent to stand firm when others are blowing away. It is important to note that when you are anchoring your pop-up gazebo with the ratchet straps that you DO NOT attach it to the D-Rings of the roof canopy. A Gala Tent gazebo frame is strong enough for you to apply some pressure and strap the ratchets to the frame itself. They provide immediate results when weighing down your tent, and are a staple accessory for any customer looking to erect their tent on soft ground.

Price from: £14.49
Anchorage Added 

As mentioned previously, it is important to use common sense when deciding whether or not to erect your marquee or gazebo in high winds. Gala Tent cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by tents being erected in adverse weather conditions, or by having inadequate anchoring by the user. Just remember, there’s really no such thing as too many gazebo weights, or tie-downs. The better anchored you are, the happier you’ll be when the wind comes up!

If you’re not sure which weights or anchors are best suited to you then give our team of experts a call on 01709 242454, start a Live Chat session, or drop us a message via the form below, and we’ll be back to you as quickly as we can.

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