Branded Gazebos

One truly effective way of transforming your business' presence at events and exhibitions is with custom-printed branded gazebos. They are the perfect product to help you make a serious statement at trade shows, festivals, or outdoor events.

Branded gazebos are often tailored to showcase your business and its products or services in the best possible light. They're not only visually striking but the frames are designed for durability and ease of use, enabling you to go from empty space to eye-catching on-brand trading space in minutes.

At Gala Tent, we offer a multitude of branded gazebo options with delivery sometimes as rapid as next working day, giving you peace of mind that you're ready to go. From start to finish, we make sure that your gazebo stands out in a crowd, representing your brand's dedication to quality and engagement.

But which printing type is best for you? Which size of branded gazebo do you need? Which model of frame will do the job for you as often as you need? This is our quick guide to making the best decision when it comes to buying branded gazebos.

Unique Branded Gazebos with Dye-Sublimation

Because it is such a precise process, dye sublimation allows for extremely creative results. High resolution photographs can be cast across the entire gazebo canopy, or printed along the back wall of a 4m x 8m pop-up. Dye sub enables a cast of Lego superheroes to appear to tear their way out of the back of the wall, where other printing methods would be limited.

Because the price you pay for dye sublimation printing is for an entire piece, such as a gazebo canopy, or a wall, there’s no compromise on just how much printing you can have on there. Vinyl printing on a gazebo is charged per logo, so the more logos you take, the larger the price. Dye sub removes that compromise, so if you want the largest possible logo on all four sections of the canopy, and flames creeping up the sidewalls, you can have it with dye sub.

As with the compromise point, if you’re looking at having a lot of printing on there and you go down the vinyl route, you could end up paying far more than if you were to take the consolidated price of the dye sublimation printed gazebo. It does depend on the amount of printing you want, though. The most popular printing combination we sell is a single logo and some information on the valance, so vinyl print is worth a look.

Simple but Effective Branded Gazebos with Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is the method in which pieces of coloured vinyl are machine-cut to shape and heat-pressed onto the material of the gazebo covers. It is a method which delivers a quick turnaround, and when the vinyl is UV protected, will last for many years of use before fading.

Gala Tent uses vinyl printing to create great, speedy results on printed gazebo canopies and sidewalls, on any of the twelve available stock colours.

With a turnaround time of around 2-4 days, vinyl printing offers incredibly fast delivery, so if there’s an urgent opening at a trade show you’ve been trying to get into and you need a branded gazebo quickly, vinyl can do just that. If your event is even more urgent than 2 days, then please do get in touch, we are a friendly lot and will do everything we can to help.

If you simply want a logo on the top so that people know who you are, prices start at £25 per logo, so it’s not going to break the bank to customise your gazebo if you want to add your branding to personalise it and maybe pull some extra trade in.

Which branded gazebo frame do I need?

We understand that selecting the correct model can be the most difficult decision, as the differences between some of our gazebo frames can often be subtle, and other differences pretty obvious. So here is a handy guide to each model of gazebo that can help you to make your decision.

Pro MX
This is one of our budget level gazebos, but research suggests that it is heavier and stronger than many of our competitors’ mid-range and sometimes top-of-the-range gazebos. Manufactured using powder-coated steel, with 32mm square legs and hammer tested nylon joints and fixings, the Pro MX is a fantastic low cost, high value-for-money tent that is ideal for home and garden use, or for low to moderate commercial use.

Pro 40
The first of our aluminium constructed tents, the Pro 40 is a lightweight but commercial quality pop-up gazebo. The legs are hexagonal shaped, which make them much more difficult to bend or break than a square legged version, and 40mm in width. The Pro 40 also includes a peak-pole spring, which acts almost as suspension against the wind, allowing the tent to sway as opposed to standing rigid and putting strain on the roof section or legs. This tent is ideal for home and garden use, or for moderate to high commercial use.

Designed and developed after receiving feedback from our many clients that there were very few pop-up tents on the market that could fit easily into a small to medium car, as opposed to requiring a large car or van to transport the gazebo. The Compact offers all of the strength and versatility of its larger sister product, but folds down to an ultra-compact and space saving 105cm, which is small enough to fit into the boot of most cars. If you need your vehicle to hold more stock than gazebo, then the Compact is the one for you.

Pro 50
The Pro 50 is so strong that dozens of the country’s councils and market operators are removing the old style of framed market stalls and replacing them with this much more transportable tent. All of the joints and fixings are manufactured using profile aluminium, as opposed to the much more brittle cast alloy that may be found on other pop-up tents, and the tent comes with an industry leading five year warranty, which shows the supreme confidence that we have in this tent being ideal not just for heavy and regular commercial use, but also for a number of purposes within motorsport and other outdoor activities.

Pro 60

The Pro 60 was launched in 2020 to become the unrivalled strongest pop-up gazebo to buy in the UK. It uses 60mm wide legs, which aren't available at any other professional retailer, and to accommodate the increase in size and strength, it uses double-reinforced joints. It is a seriously robust gazebo frame that's built to last. It is available in the larger sizes of 3m x 6m and 4m x 8m, and will withstand even the harshest of conditions.

If you're not sure which type of printing will suit your needs the best, or which branded gazebo frame you need, then why not give our team of experts a call on 01709 911948, or try our handy Advice Centre where you can chat to our info-bot or take the test by answering a few questions. Alternatively, get in touch via the form below and one of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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