Event Industry Boss: The Guide to Becoming Successful in the Event Industry

Our CEO, Jason Mace, is a serial entrepreneur. Owner of multiple properties and founder of multiple businesses, his journey from a £2000 credit card investment in 1999 alongside bother-in-law Mark Thompson has been quite the adventure, and one that Jason has taken on, on his own terms.

Jason is a relentless self-educator, continuously looking to improve his knowledge and understanding around how to grow in business, and personally. He will recommend reading for the team to pick up and gain better insights. If you’re learning, he says, you’re earning. For twenty one years and counting, Jason has been learning, and has now put the fruit of that education into an entrepreneurial self-help book, which can help any driven individual to take the same leaps that Jason did.

Event Industry Boss: The Secret to Becoming Successful in the Event Industry is split into three defined sections, each designed to build a better overall picture of the thoughts and processes required to get a business start-up going in the events, or indeed any other, industry.

The Guide to Becoming Successful in the Event Industry

Utilising user-friendly language, Jason provides the reader with inspirational messages on how to mentally approach the task of starting up a business, through pitfalls and other considerations one must take, and then into marketing and operational tasks and advice. The important thing to understand with business start-ups is that there is no magic formula. The onus is on you and your drive to succeed, and by using the ideas and anecdotes presented by Jason within the book, you should find yourself with that bit more direction by the end of it.

“Many entrepreneurs consider themselves to be a person that likes to take control and make important decisions. In other words, owning a business saves them from having to work for anyone else. It gives the ability to direct the culture of your company. When you're in the driver's seat, you are making the decisions on how to steer your company into the future. This might be overwhelming for some, and one must know when and how best to delegate, but when you are able to make your own decisions about how you want to operate on a day-today basis, this enables you to create your own culture, your own brand and your own organisation, which in turn creates a solid future for you and a legacy for your family. One of the main benefits of owning your own business is the flexibility that comes with it; setting your own hours, working from home, even taking your pets to work with you. Another benefit that can be just as important is that it lets you set your priorities and accomplish your wants and needs.” - Jason Mace, Event Industry Boss.


Event Industry Boss is a great extension of Gala Tent’s involvement in the marquee and party tent hiring business, and this section includes several great case studies and interviews with successful Gala Tent partners of the past few years. Don’t just take Jason’s, or our word for it, get great advice directly from the people that have gone before you on this path.

“In that year, my mother in law was seventy, so we decided to have a party for her in the back garden and as a result we purchased a Gala Tent marquee. Everyone had a great time. During the party, one person came up and said that the marquee was great and I should consider hiring it out. I later spoke to the wife who said that I was mad but I did some research and found that there were lots of companies doing the large traditional marquees, but very few for the small garden party type events. So I decided to start a small business hiring children’s bouncy castles and small marquees. I did some local advertising and because I knew the different sizes of marquees I could get from Gala Tent, if I had an enquiry for a particular size I would buy one and do the job, and that is how I built up my stock of marquees to the point where I can now offer fifteen different sizes and I have on hire five of the most popular sizes at any given time.” - Gary Strangeman, Bounceroo.

The Legal Stuff

Being a man who has helped to form several companies, Jason is well equipped to offer the help and advice needed in terms of setting up legally and officially, in whatever shape that might look. Will you be a sole trader or is it a partnership? What’s in a company name? What about insurance? It’s all here in the book

If you’re looking at setting up in business as an events management professional, or a casual marquee hirer to make some extra cash, then you do owe it to yourself to pick up Event Industry Boss: The Secret to Becoming Successful in the Event Industry. You can order a copy by clicking here, or get one free with any purchase of a marquee by calling 01709 242454 now.

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