Marquee Capacity Size Guide

How many people will fit in a marquee will depend entirely on what the setup is inside there. For example, if there are loads of tables, decorative sections and a bar then the capacity will be impacted and an event will require a larger tent to accommodate it. This article is a marquee capacity size guide, designed to provide you with rough advice on capacities of marquees based on standing and seating, auditorium style, as well as if you placed a series of 6ft rectangular tables in them with reasonable spacing between them for servers and guests to get around comfortably (you may squeeze more in, according to the purpose, and this is a rough guide), which can hold 6 people. By using these three figures per size, you should be able to calculate the right kinds of tents you’ll need to cover all manner of function.

Why is it important to know the capacity of a marquee?

As a marquee hirer, or event planner, it's vital that you know the number of people that will safely fit inside the marquee you're hiring to a client for their event. Here are some key reasons for that importance.

It's professional

You're the expert when it comes to hiring our marquees and gazebos to your clients, so it's important to show that you know what you're doing. By understanding that your client needs a 9m x 15m to cover around 75 people if they're also having tables or other furniture, you're displaying professionalism and expertise.

It promotes health and safety

By ensuring the marquee is the correct size for the number of people and equipment within it will help you to avoid overcrowding, or electrical products being forced out of the tent, particularly if rain is forecast.

You avoid poor reviews

If you show up with a marquee that's much too large or small for the intended use, you run the risk of gaining unfortunate bad reviews, especially if it's for something as important as a wedding, or you're working alongside an event planner whose own business is dependent on your providing correct information and products that suit the purpose. Social proof is a huge asset to businesses, so be sure to reflect your expertise and product knowledge and gain positive reviews.

Marquee Capacity Size Chart

The chart below breaks down a broad overview of the number of people that can fit inside a marquee of different sizes. As mentioned above, please be sure to take into account additional equipment such as a DJ booth, buffet and catering tables, bars or dancefloors.

If you have a need to get more people into a marquee area, there are a few options available to purchase from Gala Tent. For standard sized marquees, you may purchase additional structures and utilise an end-to-end or side-by-side gutter kit, and effectively covered unlimited areas.

Alternatively, the Gala Tent Fusion Modular Marquee is designed to be added to in 3m sections, so can be extended to as long as you need. Want the ability to cover events that accommodate over 1000 guests? Gala Tent’s range of structures can do that for you.

If you’d like to discuss alternative sizes, or have further questions about marquee capacities, then give us a call on 01709 242454, start a Live Chat through the link in the bottom right of this page.

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