Starting a Street Food Business

Street food is a massive trend right now, and there are more varieties of handmade, delicious food available than ever before. Thousands, if not millions of combinations of flavours all available for the delight of your taste buds. With market-based kitchens becoming the focal point of many towns’ social scene, and pop-up street food events bringing the crowds flocking to community spaces, there has never been a better time to take your passion for food and start a street food business.

If you’re looking to become a mobile caterer, or maybe you have a premises already but want to benefit from taking your food out into the wider world, then you’ll need to think about the type of stall you want to create, how you’ll present your brand, what you’re going to sell, and where you’re going to sell it.

On this page you will find valuable guides to some of the important things you might need to consider if you have chosen to start a new venture in street food or mobile catering business. We will answer questions such as:

Why should you start a mobile catering business?

Should you invest in a mobile catering vehicle or use a
pop-up gazebo?

What kinds of street food are out there to supply?

How might you start marketing your business?

What opportunities are out there for mobile caterers?

What kind of branding will you have, and how can it be used on a pop-up gazebo?

Just check out the links below, and start your Street Food and Mobile Catering journey with Gala Tent now.

Helpful Advice Articles

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