Where can I sell Street Food?

The street food industry has never been as lucrative and thriving as it is right now, and therefore opportunities are increasing with each month that passes. Everybody loves a street food vendor, and they are often the busiest stall at most events.

Street food as a business offers relatively cheap set-up costs, especially when the business operates from a mobile structure such as a pop-up gazebo, where they can be set up quickly and easily to begin trading as soon as the stove is fired up, but where will you find opportunities to sell street food?

Street Food Events

Monthly street food events have become a staple of many venues up and down the country, with artisan and authentic food filling the nostrils and bellies of hungry visitors. The food stalls are usually accompanied by craft ales and live music to turn the event into a complete experience that keep guests around for hours. The great thing about many of these is that the organisers like to ensure there is a mix of cultural cuisine, so that it truly is a bit of something for everybody.

Festivals and Fairs

Music and culture festivals have been huge business for decades, and there is ALWAYS a food area within the arena for the thousands upon thousands of guests to grab a bite. If you can catch yourself a spot at one of them then you’re onto a winner. But don’t limit yourself to thinking only about the likes of Glastonbury or Leeds and Reading types of festival. There are agricultural shows from Spring to Autumn, and motorsport festivals where passionate car owners come together to celebrate all things Japanese, or Italian. Check out the thousands of outdoor events that run throughout the year and start investigating costs and opportunities.

Private and Corporate Events

A great opportunity to bring in gigs that are guaranteed to pay would be exploring the private and corporate function world. With a job like this you know how many people are arriving so you can accommodate with the amount of food needed, and the job is paid for in advance, so it should simply be a case of dishing up food for the guests as they appear.

Work on your social media profiles and build the kind of brand that people would be delighted to have attending their private event.

Seasonal Markets

Winter and Christmas markets are massive business, drawing millions of people to the event to pick up handmade products, artisan cheeses, and of course delicious street food. Large city centre markets such as Manchester and York have huge designated food outlet areas to get booked onto, but town and village markets are also a phenomenal opportunity to get involved in the festive cheer and make some money with your food.

Ultimately, there are millions of opportunities available to a great mobile caterer that supplies something a little out of the ordinary, so you need to work on your marketing and put the effort into finding those events that will make the difference to your bank balance. Join festival and stall holder groups on Facebook, keep an eye out for opportunities and grab them with both hands.

Gala Tent is the UK’s leading manufacturer and retailer of custom printed pop-up gazebos, having sold hundreds of thousands of branded structures to our customers over the years. We have helped new businesses to take their delicious food to the masses, as well as working alongside existing successful street food businesses to improve on their brand visuals.

Whether you want to stay sleek and subtle or add a liberal splash of personality and colour into your mobile catering stand, we are the perfect partner to help you get there. You can find some great examples of branded tent ideas here.

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