Why Start a Street Food Business?

Why start a street food business? Who can start a streetfood business? What should they sell? It really depends on the type of mobile catering you’re planning. A classic burgers, hot dogs and chips stall can be set up by anybody with the equipment and hygiene certificates. We’re not knocking the humble burger van, far from it, we are massive fans of a cheeseburger with onions and brown sauce (or ketchup, if you're a maniac). Everybody loves a burger van.

However, the biggest trend right now comes from handmade-with-love, seriously photogenic food that tastes heavenly. Serious street food businesses can be started by anybody with creativity, the ability to cook, and the knowledge of how to make their flavours sing.

Street Food is taken on as a career choice of many younger millennial and Gen-Z people, who will come up with spectacular culinary creations that look utterly irresistible when shared across social media platforms. It’s no shock to know that some of the strongest mobile catering businesses have very strong social media followings.

What are the benefits of starting a Mobile Catering business?

There are many great many benefits to starting your own business in the catering industry, including having the opportunity to experience new and varied events. One week you may be attending a monthly event surrounded by thousands of people who are there to socialise with friends whilst enjoying artisan food, craft ale and live music. The next week you may be at an agricultural show, the week after at an urban food festival. It’s not just a seasonal business either; consider Autumn and Winter markets, Spring fairs. There are so many opportunities to succeed in the street food industry.

Another benefit to creating a successful street food business would be the draw of creating something new entirely in your own vision. Wouldn’t you love to be your own boss? Sitting down, drawing up plans for the branding, creating logo ideas and how they might look on your pop-up gazebo. What your menu will have on it. We’re salivating already just thinking about the amazing food creations you might have up your sleeve!

With your own successful business in the catering industry will hopefully come freedom. Time freedom and financial freedom. The ability to pick and choose when you work, where you work and with whom you will work.

If you’re considering starting a Street Food business but aren’t sure where to start with the branding, or where to promote it, then perhaps you’ll benefit from the new Audio Book from our colleagues over at Gala Education & Marketing? Written and narrated by Ryan Bracha, the book explores the key considerations when building a new brand, as well as providing an introduction to Digital Marketing and the opportunities for finding customers online.

Our CEO Jason Mace has created a book specifically for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Events Industry, so if Audiobooks aren’t your cup of tea, then feel free to pick up a copy of Event Industry Boss: The Secret to Becoming Successful in the Events Industry, which has many great pieces of advice.

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