Car Ports

Gala Tent's range of car ports offer the perfect temporary solution for protecting your vehicle. Our products are designed with integrity and innovation, and are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The Importance of a Car Port

A car port is more than just a shelter for your vehicle. It's an investment into the longevity of your car, bike, or even your boat, and offers some great benefits:

  1. Protection against the elements: A car port shields your vehicle from harsh weather conditions. Rain, snow, hail, or even strong sunlight can cause damage over time.

  2. Security: A car port with the walls and ends fixed can provide an extra layer of security for your vehicle.

  3. Convenience: It's a convenient solution for parking, especially in homes without a garage.

With a wide choice of frame sizes manufactured in strong tubular steel. Gala carports can be either free standing or fixed against a wall of a house or garage, each carport that we supply is completely portable thanks to its simple yet robust slot together pole design.

Our Range of Car Ports

240gsm PE Car Port

This is the original Gala Carport, which combines Gala’s award-winning marquee with a fresh carport design. Made from top-quality PE material, the carport original is a solid all-rounder. It's great for: Temporary storage | Marketing |Trade shows

Price from: £1529.99
Material Strength 
650gsm PVC Car Port

The 100% PVC Carport Elite boasts incredible quality and durability. The PVC material means that this carport can withstand weather over many years. The premier quality of the PVC means the heavy-duty material is self-cleaning. If you’re looking for the best quality carport for your home, this is the one. Great for: Seasonal vechile storage | Boat Storage | Motorsport Awnings

Price from: £349.99
Cover Strength 

Is the Carport waterproof?

Gala Tent™ canopies are manufactured in a seamed one-piece roof section which is an important feature, as this enables the material to remain nice and taut for many years of use and completely waterproof. The fabric covers are available in two material variations; 240gsm P-PE Polyethylene and 100% PVC that measures in at 650gsm.

What sizes are available?

The Gala Tent carport is available in many shapes and sizes, 3m, 4m and 6m widths, with an unlimited length of up to 12m bays, just keep adding 2m bays. We have sizes for cars, vans boats, motorhomes, caravans, motorbikes even a double garage carport is available and all manufactured with quality fabric covers to fully enclose the structure.

How do I anchor my Carport to the ground?

It is very important to anchor your carport to the ground even in the calmest weather conditions. Optional ground bars, and ratchet tie down kits, help with stability on hard ground surfaces. Heavy duty ground rail pegs on soft ground. You can also use foundation anchor bolts to fix to a concrete base.

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