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‘Staying at home’ is the new ‘Going out’ and has been for a few years, with many people now choosing not to go out to pay for overpriced food and drinks, surrounded by strangers. Instead, they’re bringing the party home, by erecting a marquee in the garden and inviting their nearest and dearest to come and celebrate in comfort.

From the range of products that Gala Tent can supply next working day, there is surely a garden marquee for you.

Which Size Garden Marquee Do I need?

If you’re arranging a birthday party in the garden, then consider the Gala Tent marquee. It is available from a compact 3m x 2m, which is perfect for a small family gathering to enjoy a bite to eat, play some garden games and watch the sun go down, and goes up to a huge 6m x 24m, which can take up to 240 guests. But of course, unless you’re very fortunate, we appreciate that not all gardens will take one so large, so we’ll give you some sizes that are very popular with our previous customers, and a little advice around great uses for them, including:

3m x 3m Gala Tent Garden Marquee

The Perfect Family Marquee. This will provide space for up to twelve people, or six around a table. Why not set up a music system in the corner, bring the table out (or purchase a folding table from Gala Tent), and enjoy your family dinner in the garden? With doors at both ends and a classy window on each side, the 3m x 3m Marquee is an airy, yet compact structure that takes up just a little of your garden space. The covers are available in both the low cost 240gsm PE, or the luxurious and hard wearing 650gsm PVC, so there’s a structure for any budget here.

Price from: £289.99
Fits Most Gardens 
3m x 6m Gala Tent Garden Marquee

One of our most popular sized garden canopy tents, going back the full twenty one years of Gala Tent being in business. It is a fantastic little party tent, with floor space that allows for up to thirty two people, or sixteen if you’ve got the table out. For something of this size, we recommend maybe splitting the tent into two specific areas, with some inflatable or folding furniture at one end to sit and relax on, and the other end with an open door, so that you and your guests can stand around to socialise under cover (the Gala Marquee covers are all waterproof and will shelter you from the rain with ease, in case the Great British Weather turns against you). Put up some Gala Tent lining and watch your marquee transform from cavernous space to luxurious intimate space in minutes.

Price from: £289.99
Versatile Size 
4m x 6m Gala Tent Garden Marquee

Easily the most popular small marquee in the Gala Tent range, the 4m x 6m is the very definition of compact-yet-spacious. Even the most popular of party hosts will squeeze the majority of their guests into a 4m x 6m, with a massive FORTY people able to get into it at one time, or twenty, if you’re planning on adding seating throughout. We recommend that you really go to town on decorating your Gala Tent party marquee, adding little touches like homemade bunting, or other crafty solutions. It’s bigger than most home sitting rooms, so treat it like one. Get some furniture around the edges, so that your guests have somewhere to sit, fill it with bright lighting, such as the LED Globe Lights available from Gala Tent. As the night begins to drop a little cooler, ensure you have some heating in there to keep everybody warm and comfortable.

Price from: £434.99

These are just three of our popular sizes when it comes to garden parties and putting up marquees for any occasion, but we have an unrivalled and massive range of TWENTY TWO differently sized marquees available for next working day, so if you’re not sure on which one is right for you then give the team a call on 01709 242454, start a Live Chat session, or drop us an message via the form below and somebody will be back to you as quickly as possible.

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