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For a quarter of a century, Gala Tent has been developing a reputation for selling the highest quality gazebos. We’re not exaggerating when we say that we have prospective clients on the phone every single day, who are looking to improve on their current gazebo which may or may not be folded up in a bin after it couldn’t take the recent bad weather.

“The only gazebo left standing was a Gala Tent so I called you as soon as I could…”

“I kept having to hold it steady. The people on the stall next door were laughing at us. Theirs didn’t move an inch, and it was a Gala Tent gazebo…”

“It’s not funny, our old one hit a man on the back of the head as the wind took it. We can’t risk that again so we’re getting a proper one…”

These are all genuine comments made by our customers who have bought from a competitor, one which purchases its stock directly from the shelf and which matches every other gazebo in every other gazebo shop, and when the components break with ease it’s yet another unwanted outlay. Gala Tent works exclusively with our supply chain to design, develop and manufacture the gazebos we sell, and each one comes with patented technology featured, so you know the only shop you can buy a Gala Tent gazebo is Gala Tent. We not only sell gazebos, but from the spare parts we sell you can build an entire new gazebo, so you can replace minor components next working day, in the event of accidental damage.

Benefits of buying gazebos from Gala Tent

Super Strong Gazebos

Spare Parts Guaranteed

Branding and Customisation

Gala Tent's Gazebo Shop

Gala Shade Pro DX Gazebo

A lightweight, entry level gazebo for home and garden use. Available in 3m x 3m size, with universal high quality covers available in 12 different colours.

Price from: £219.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro MX Gazebo

A heavyweight steel gazebo, suitable for home and garden or light commercial applications. Available in 3m x 4.5m or 3m x 6m sizes, with universal covers available in twelve colours.

Price from: £249.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro Compact Gazebo

A lightweight frame gazebo that's designed for moderate commercial use, with a frame that folds down to a compact 105cm, which will fit into the boot of most vehicles.

Price from: £409.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro 40 Gazebo

A lightweight, commercial standard gazebo that's suitable for home and garden, or moderate to regular business use. The frame is manufactured using high quality aluminium which has a 3-year warranty.

Price from: £359.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro 50 Gazebo

A superior, commercial standard gazebo with a five year frame warranty. This is built for even the harshest conditions. Suitable for home and garden, or regular commercial applications.

Price from: £449.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro 60 Gazebo

The strongest gazebo available to buy in the UK. Exclusive 60mm wide legs, double-reinforced joints and extremely heavyweight frame. This is a professional gazebo with a 5 year frame warranty.

Price from: £1074.99
Frame Strength 
A facepainting stall using a waterproof gazebo
2 pop up[ gazebos covering some benches in a pub's beer garden
A green garden gazebo covers a seating area

Essential Gazebo Accessories to buy

A gazebo is a great product on its own, but you can seriously accessorise in different ways, to either improve the strength and stability of the tent, or to improve the aesthetics of it. Gala Tent sells a range of accessories, including inflatable furniture, heating and lighting, storage and sidewalls, ground bars and weights, and a whole range of customisation and branding options.

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