Instant Awnings

What do you call your gazebo? We don’t mean which cute pet name have you provided it with to give it a personality, we mean how do you refer to it? Is it a Pop-Up Gazebo? An Easy-Up? Or is it an Instant Awning?

Over the years, we’ve found a gazebo to be referred to as many things by many different people in various industries. Market Traders know theirs as a Stall, Racing Drivers and Team Mechanics will know them as Awnings or Service Tents, Mr and Mrs Smith from Number Eight know it as an Easy-Up.

A white instant awning provides shelter at a picnic space

Black instant awnings as a market place

A printed green instant awning protects an information space

It’s this attention to how our products are used by our thousands of clients every year that helps to stand Gala Tent apart as the undisputed authority on Marquees and Pop-Up Instant Awnings in the UK and beyond. Now into our third decade in business, we have stood the test of time by providing anybody that works with us with the finest attentive service, and honest, expert advice, as well as award winning aftersales care.

Throughout our range of Instant Awnings, there’s undoubtedly a product suited to almost any outdoor shelter purpose, and below, we thought we’d give you the tent model, and some typical uses you might find for them.

Popular Instant Awnings

Gala Shade Pro DX

Generally we’d suggest garden-use-only for this gazebo, but if you’re a business or charity working on a strict budget then it is still a very strong awning, for the money.

Price from: £180.
Quick Deployment 
Gala Shade Pro MX

Easy and Light commercial use, such as monthly craft fairs and country shows, are the order of the day for the Pro MX. It is also very popular with home and garden customers who want something much more substantial than the £30 Aldi Special.

Price from: £274.99
Low-Cost Commercial Value 
Gala Shade Pro 40

Moderate commercial use here, such as weekly car boot sales, monthly motorsport events, but as it is manufactured using the strongest aluminium, it is absolutely capable of providing more regular service if required, but we would recommend upgrading if you’re intending to give it very regular use.

Price from: £395.99
Gala Shade Pro 50

The best Instant Awning currently available in the UK with free next day delivery. It is perfect for daily, heavy use, or in areas where there will be a lot of footfall. Think, for example, market stalls and town centres, motorsport events where lots of people and vehicles will be. They are also very popular awnings for covering Hot Tubs, and can be offered out as an additional service by Hot Tub hirers and retailers.

Price from: £494.99
Frame Strength 

This is just a small section of the uses that you can find for a Pop-Up Instant Awning from Gala Tent, and they are suited for pretty much any outdoor shelter purpose you can think of. If you’re not sure on which Instant Gazebo is best suited for you then give our team a call on 01709 242454 or request a call back via the form below, or alternatively, why not visit our purpose built Advice Centre, where you can chat with our informative resource or take the test to know exactly which tent is for you?

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