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There are many occasions where an Instant Shelter would be an ideal item to pull from your bag and pop up quickly when the rain suddenly starts pouring. Okay, okay, yes, we know there are such things as umbrellas, but what about when you’re working outdoors, if you’re doing manual or craft work, or you’re a professional mobile detailer? An umbrella just isn’t going to cut the mustard at all.

You’d need something of at least 3m x 3m, maybe with steel framework, maybe with aluminium. You’d probably need 600 denier covers in a selection of twelve great colours, and it would be great if they were waterproof to a hydrostatic head of 6000. What about optional sidewalls, ground bars, gazebo weights, or tie downs ratchet straps? All of this and more is available from the Gala Tent Pro Gazebo range of Instant Shelters.

From compact frame to Instant Shelter in a matter of minutes

The shelter frame starts at a super compacted dimension, and expands quickly, to provide you with shelter in an instant (printing on shelter canopy available at additional cost).

Our range of Instant Shelters

Gala Shade Pro DX

Recommended for home and garden use. This is a low-cost, lightweight gazebo manufactured using high quality steel. This is the UK's strongest cheap gazebo.

Price from: £219.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro MX

The heaviest steel gazebo available to buy from Gala Tent, the Pro MX is manufactured using robust materials, including 1.2mm steel and 600 denier PVC-coated polyester covers. This instant shelter is recommended for home and garden, or moderate business use.

Price from: £249.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro Compact

This innovative construction folds from a compact 105cm in length to over 328cm in height. It's manufactured using high quality aluminium and hammer-tested nylon, and perfect for moderate commercial use when transportation space is at a premium.

Price from: £409.99
Frame strength 
Gala Shade Pro 40

Deceptively strong, the Gala Shade Pro 40 is a commercial standard gazebo manufactured using aluminium. The hexagonal legs come with a 40mm width, and the peak pole includes an external spring to protect the framework in windy conditions. This is made for moderate to regular commercial use.

Price from: £359.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro 50

Hard wearing, industrial strength gazebo. This is the go-to model when unrivalled stability and quality are the order of the day. In regular use by markets, motorsport teams and professionals on a daily basis. The aluminium frame includes 50mm hexagonal legs, profile aluminium joints and sliders, and an external peak pole spring for protection against wind.

Price from: £449.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro 60

The best of the best. Originally designed for the rough and tumble of the motorsport industry, but equally practical in beer gardens and market places, this gazebo offers a UK-exclusive 60mm hexagonal leg in its aluminium frame. The joints are double-reinforced to ensure total stability and strength in this gazebo. You will not find a comparable frame anywhere else in the UK.

Price from: £1074.99
Frame Strength 

Top Uses for an Instant Shelter

Here are our non-comprehensive top 3 potential reasons you might need an Instant Shelter when outdoors. You might have your own ideas, so do get in touch and we’ll add them to the list!

1. You are a motorsport racing driver, and you race open top cars. You were promised fantastic sunshine at Donington so you didn’t pack the awning. Oh no, the weatherman was wrong. It’s throwing it down. You should have had a Gala Tent Instant Shelter.

2. You’re raising money for charity, any charity. You have a folding table, a roller banner and some stickers, and you’re in the fields of a country fair. It’s started to rain so you open your umbrella. Oh no. You fetched the small one. Now your stickers have lost all of their sticky. You should have had a Gala Tent Instant Shelter.

3. You’re in the garden having a party and cooking on the barbecue with your nearest and dearest. Uncle Terry has come round, and you haven’t seen him for ages. It’s been a great afternoon catching up, and the first sausages are about to get dished up. But guess what? It’s started to rain. Everybody bundles inside the dining room so now your floor is dirty, your house is packed, and the sausages are ruined. You should have had a Gala Tent Instant Shelter

Popular Accessories for Instant Shelters

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