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Gala Tent is a company which has a great relationship with the motorsport industry, with our Gala Performance brand a household name amongst drivers, teams, championships and venues alike. Our company directors Mark Thompson and Andrew Scott compete in endurance racing with our race team, Gala Performance Motorsport, and we have a strong heritage of motorsport sponsorship and brand partnerships.

We embarked upon a major sponsorship deal in 2016, with Leeds-based Endurance team, United Autosports, an operation owned by Richard Dean, and McLaren F1 supremo, Zak Brown. The deal was to put Christian England behind the wheel of an LMP3 Ligier for the European Le Mans Series. Christian went on to win the championship alongside superstar racer Alex Brundle, and Mike Gausch, and that year we launched Gala Performance, which has gone from strength to strength.

With a new brand came new products, and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to our specialist range of motorsport awnings.

Freestanding and Pop-Up Motorsport Awnings

MQ-65 Awning

A fully customisable monster of a motorsport awning. This extra heavy duty tent is a perfect combination of the solid structural integrity of the Gala Tent Fusion Marquee and the highly customisable covers of our branded pop-up gazebo range. Introduced as a competition product to the Italian made Gatel or Linea Tende tents which are very popular in karting, the Marque 65 has framework which is at least 20mm thicker than those (65mm, hence the Marque 65 name), and covers which are twice as thick (650gsm heavy duty PVC, as used in our Fusion and PVC Marquee ranges).

The MQ-65 can also be customised on all walls as well as the canopy. The frame is manufactured using T-6061 Aluminium with heavy duty Steel joints. The posts and poles measuring in at 65 x 65 x 2.5mm. The longest pieces on the frame will be the perimeter beams and roof tensioning bars. These will measure up to 4m, The legs and roof perimeter sections have grooves cut into them, to allow the side and end walls to slide directly into them ensuring the material remains taut.

The covers are made from 650gsm heavy duty wipe-clean PVC, and full customisation is available, including printing and windows. Each 4m section is made up of two 2m panels, which zip together into the middle, and there is a beading around the top and sides of each 2m x 2m walling panel, so that they can slide into the grooves mentioned above. It is important to note that on a 6m wide tent, the end walls will come in 3m widths, as opposed to 4m.

Pro 50 Pop-Up Awning

Our signature Pop-Up Motorsport Awning, and a tent which will be seen several times over at any motorsport meeting, whether it’s a Thundersport Motorcycle meeting at Donington, a C1 Challenge Race at Cadwell, or a BTCC round at Silverstone.

The major benefits to the Pro 50 pop-up awning when it comes to motorsport are that they travel incredibly small when compared to the same kinds of sizes of poles-based awnings. They can be deployed in a matter of minutes instead of needing a crew to show up three days early to set up. They are available up to 4m x 8m and can easily be connected to other awnings to create a bigger unit that can be used as a combination paddock garage and hospitality/breakout space.

The Pro 50 uses 50mm hexagonal 2mm gauge aluminium legs, and aluminium framework. The peak pole has a spring on the outside, so that the race tent can move gently and safely with the wind, which takes the strain from the awning roof section. With fully customisable covers, you can have a bespoke race tent emblazoned with your team colours and logo, perhaps driver names above the awning doors, and sponsor logos as a thank you to your patrons?

Pop-Up Pit Perch

The Gala Performance Pop-Up Pit Perch is the result of almost two years of product development and is 100% exclusive to Gala Performance, having been developed by our inhouse engineer, Andrew Scott.

Including 620gsm heavy-duty PVC with accessible openings, integrated storage pockets, fitted table, and brackets for up to three monitors, as well as a wheel transporting bag, the Gala Performance Pop-Up Pit Perch can be deployed in a matter of minutes and will provide vital storage space in any transporters on the way to the circuit.

You can fully enclose yourself within the tent if it’s a terrible wet night in a twenty four hour endurance race, then remove the sides and back section if the blazing sun comes out during the day stint, and the side windows are roll up for when you’re needing to lean out and let your driver know what to do next.

The Perch is currently only available with black PVC covers, but there are printing options available to customise it to your team, so do enquire within.

We do supply a full range of awning weights, weighted feet, and tie-down straps, so that you can ensure your motorsport race tent is secure through the weekend, and it’ll leave your spare tyres and wheels where they need to be, instead of holding down your tent. If you’re in motorsport and want to discuss your awning requirements for this season then give our Gala Performance team a call on 01709 803457 or drop us a message via the form below.

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