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In 1999, our company CEO Jason Mace was instrumental in bringing affordable luxury to the UK market by making high quality party tents available to buy to modern consumers to host their own celebrations at the drop of a hat. Buying a party tent to own, instead of leaving themselves open to seasonal price increases or product unavailability with marquee hirers, gave consumers the freedom to celebrate for any occasion, at any time.

In the next 25 years, Gala Tent grew in reputation for providing affordable, high quality party tents that were as suited for residential purposes as they were for professional hiring. Constant product development to improve strength and stability, based on the feedback of our loyal customers, is what has kept Gala Tent at the forefront of our industry.

Our range of Party Tents spans a wide array of sizes, model designs, and materials, which offer the perfect blend of versatility and style to match your unique requirements.

The Party Tent Range

There are two types of party tent available to buy from Gala Tent: The poles-and-joints classic marquee, and the pop-up gazebo. Which one is best suited for you will depend on your own personal needs. Do you need to cover hundreds of people in a huge wedding celebration, or is it a simple cover for a dozen guests at your summer garden party? Do you need immediate cover that can be erected and dismantled in a matter of minutes, or will it be standing for a week or two for a longer celebration? We'll share some of the great models available to buy from Gala Tent here.

The Classic Marquee Party Tent

The Classic Gala Tent Marquee range is available in two distinct cover materials, which are the double-coated 240gsm Polyethylene (also known as PE), or the premium standard 650gsm PVC. Both party tents use the same high quality powder-coated framework, and are available in sizes from 3m x 2m, which can cover 4 people, up to an impressive 6m x 24m, which can cover 240 people. They are supplied in the classic white, with all of the sidewalls required to create a comfortable environment. They are popular with home-and-garden customers and professionals alike.

Price from: £434.99
The Pop-Up Party Tent

Smaller in size, but much faster to deploy in any event, the pop-up gazebo has quickly become a firm favourite for homeowners and event planners as a great party shelter. Available from 3m x 3m up to 4m x 8m, the pop-up is small but mighty. You can connect multiple structures together with connector and gutter kits, to create any size of coverage you need. They are available in 6 different frame models, and come with a selection of twelve great cover colour choices. These tents are supplied as a frame and canopy, with all manner of great strengthening and customising options, including sidewalls, custom-printing, and ground bars.

Price from: £359.99
Ease of deployment 
The Professional Party Tent

The biggest and strongest party tent that you can buy from Gala Tent, the Fusion is a superior standard marquee that offers huge coverage and versatile size options. It's a modular marquee that's popular with event management professionals due to its clearspan nature and the ability to extend or reduce it in length by 3m increments easily. For example, if you have a 9m x 15m Fusion party tent, you can remove 3m of it without needing a new size of canopy to create a 9m x 12m tent, or you can purchase add-ons to extend it to potentially unlimited lengths.

Price from: £3014.99

Popular Party Tent Accessories

Why buy a Party Tent?

When a night out in town is becoming more expensive than ever, and some of us prefer to be home by way earlier than the taxis will get us there, a night at home is becoming a popular way to enjoy social occasions. Here are some of our favourite benefits for owning a Party Tent.

It Saves Money

A good night out can often run into costing hundreds of pounds. We’ve done it ourselves. Got carried away in the city centre and ended up back at the cash machine several times. For the price of just one weekend blow-out, you can purchase a 3m x 6m marquee with PE covers, and host as many home parties as you like thereafter. It’s no secret that food and drinks cost more when you purchase one in a pub or a restaurant, with many overheads to factor in. Jamie Oliver has told us time and again that a proper, hearty pub-style meal can be made for a fraction of the cost at home, so what are you waiting for?

Inclusive Celebrations

Most of the Gala Tent workforce are parents, so we know all about this one. A group of friends invites each other out at short notice, but the parents cannot find anybody to mind the youngsters. The choice is that one of them goes out whilst the other stays at home, or they both stay home and miss out on the celebration. However, a home-based celebration beneath a tent effectively gives everybody a chance to catch up. Some of the best gatherings we’ve had with our friends have been where our kids were invited and able to roam the garden in complete safety whilst the adults mingled in and out of the marquee. When it’s bed time for the kids, the parents can either get home or put them in the spare bed until it’s time for the taxi.

Soundtrack the Party, Your Way

There’s nothing worse for music lovers than entering a bar or a club, and the music choices on offer are absolutely criminal. Hosting your own garden party beneath a marquee will allow you to control the mood with your own music choices. Or how about bringing your Alexa or other home hub device into the tent and allowing your guests to choose the soundtrack of the evening? Just keep it down when it gets late or your neighbours won’t thank you. Better yet, invite them too!

Changeable Party Themes

If, like us, you’re a big fan of dressing up for the occasion, then a marquee party tent is the ideal adaptable asset for your party-hosting passion. They are essentially one huge blank canvas for you to decorate how you see fit, and according to the occasion. Want a 20s themed Great Gatsby party one month and a Hawaiian hula party the next? A garden marquee will absolutely offer that to you. They will enable you to get as creative as you like, as often as you’d like.

No More Taxi Queues

What better benefit of spending your night in your own garden socialising than knowing your bed is only a matter of metres away? Your guests will also be able to enjoy the comfort of your tent or the house whilst they await their own carriages home.

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