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Local Markets are enjoying a well deserved resurgence in recent years, with many Town and City Councils looking to regenerate their traditional shopping hubs as they battle against intense competition from online retailers who have fewer overheads. The Love Your Local Market initiative, launched by retail guru Mary Portas, and which Gala Tent enjoyed several years as the headline sponsor of, placed markets and market stalls right back into the spotlight, and many Market Operators have invested millions of pounds into attracting customers back to the stalls.

One major part of the nationwide overhaul has been upgrading the market stalls from tired frame-based rigid structures with tatty tarpaulin draped across them, and installing super-transportable, compact, and versatile pop up market stall from Gala Tent.

The wide variety of colours available lend themselves perfectly to creating a vibrant, distinctive shopping environment. Take Rotherham Market, for example, which has used contrasting and beautifully alternating Yellow and Purple Gala Shade Pro 50. Brixton Electric Avenue Market went down a different route, with Gala Tent printing the names of regular traders onto each gazebo, to ensure a uniform and classic visual for visitors to the world famous market. Barnsley Market, Stocksbridge Fox Valley Market, Keswick, Portobello, Greenwich Markets and Bolton are just a selection of the number of town and city markets which have been transformed with Gala Tent's game-changing pop up market stall.

Why does the Gala Shade Pro 50 Gazebo make such a great pop-up market stall?

The Gala Shade Pro 50 is undoubtedly the UK's market operators' and traders' preferred pop up market stall, with millions of pounds of sales being processed from beneath their high quality canopies each and every week. Here are some great reasons why.

  • The framework is made from 2mm thick aluminium.

  • The hexagonal legs are a full 50mm wide.

  • The joints are all Profile Aluminium, as opposed to the more brittle Cast Alloy used by many, if not all, of our competitors.

  • The external peak pole spring allows for gentle rhythmic movement WITH the wind as opposed to fighting it, which can put strain on the frame.

  • The 600d Gazebo covers have an unrivalled hydrostatic head of 6000, making the tent virtually weatherproof.

  • This is a tent that was built for crowded areas, for regular use and built to withstand many years of use.

Why work with Gala Tent for your pop-up market stall needs?

Gala Tent has worked with and for many Market related organisations over the years, from FARMA and NABMA through independent operators such as Groupe Geraud and NMTF, and as we’ve said before, we were also headline sponsors of the Love Your Local Market initiative for the past few years. We are a company that understands the needs of any market operator, and our vast experience of providing markets with market stalls means that working alongside Gala Tent to overhaul your town’s market is as much of an asset as the structures themselves.

If you or your colleagues are researching the best structure for market stalls ahead of opening a tender, we are a very flexible company who can:

  • Provide a free on-site demonstration of our market stalls in person

  • Provide heavy duty, deep ground anchors for ensuring total safety

  • Make minor amends and tweaks to the frame and covers to your specific requirements · Offer unlimited free design mock-ups if you need printing and branding

  • Deliver to any location free charge to UK mainland addresses

You can find more help on choosing the right pop up market stall over at our Advice Centre. If you’re still not sure which is the correct tent for you then please give the team a call on 01709 242454 or start a Live Chat session. Alternatively, why not drop us a message via the form below and one of the team will be back to you as quickly as possible.

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