With UK-based cost-effective breaks and holidays on the rise in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, there has never been a better time to launch a glampsite business, or to add these luxuriously unique structures to your existing campsite.

What do I get for my Glamping Tent investment?

Available in three great sizes, the Gala Dome is made using ultra-strong galvanised steel framework which consists of dozens of triangular modules fixed together to create a semi-sphere that is then covered by a premium quality 650gsm lacquer-coated white PVC. Each geodesic dome comes complete with a large panoramic window of 1mm thick clear PVC and an attractive clear skylight, to allow plenty of natural light into the structure, and give your guests wonderful views, whether you’re set up at the coast or in the country.

Also included within the very reasonably priced package is a 5cm thick polyester padded insulation which provides great comfort and heat retention, but one great benefit of a dome shaped structure is that they are the best possible shape for heat and air circulation, so the comfort of your guests is always at a premium.

Of course, in warmer weather, nobody wants to live in a greenhouse, so each of these great glamping tents comes with roll-up PVC windows and a fabric panel through which you can fix a tubed vent that can either fixed to an air conditioning unit on the outside or even a stove on the inside (neither are included in the price).

Scenic Geodesic Dome Tent

Geodesic Dome Tent

The lockable double doors which come included in the glamping dome package ensure security of your guests and their belongings, are glazed with tempered glass, and at 2.37m wide, they will enable you to get as much or as little furniture into the dome as is required.

Are there any Optional Extras?

We do offer a superior bundle deal, which includes curtains to provide privacy to your guests, and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) flooring modules which can be easily fitted into your dome.

5m Gala Dome
Glamping Tent

Recommended capacity - 2

6m Gala Dome
Glamping Tent

Recommended capacity - 2-4

8m Gala Dome
Glamping Tent

Recommended capacity - 4-6

Why Start a Glamping Business?

Glamping is one of the leisure industry’s fastest growing sectors, with millions of Brits flocking to coast and country to enjoy fresh air, views and walks, as the covid-19 pandemic forcing us to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors. As we become more conscious of our health and the benefits of exercise, rural and coastal retreats are fast becoming the holiday or mini-break of choice.

Glamping provides a luxurious alternative to pitching up a tent in the rain, and brings the creature comforts of home to a unique and luxurious setting that you can decorate however you see fit.

With the average price of a night in a geodesic dome anywhere between £100 and £300, depending on your location and the size of the tent, they are a very shrewd investment for landowners and holiday park operators as they’ll pretty much pay for themselves in the first peak season of ownership.

Scenic Geodesic Dome Tent

Consider the following example:

At £150 per night in a rural location, just 3 nights a week of rental from spring through to Autumn, let’s say 39 weeks of the year, you will return over £17,000 on a single glamping dome. Even if this example is being optimistic with the number of weeks you might be booked up, the summer season will more than make up for the optimistic estimate, with many clients taking the full week option.

If you’re particularly enterprising, then consider adding other comforts to make your glampsite even more appealing to tourists, such as a BBQ or a small hot tub. This will draw in attention from groups of friends who want to take a holiday or break together.

Here are some stats about the Glamping sector:

  • The Caravan and Camping Industry is worth around £4bn
  • Glampsites are one of the fastest growing tourism industries in the UK, with over 3000 busy sites across the UK
  • In 2019, Brits spent 1.9m nights on glamping holidays
  • In 2020, Glampsite owners reported a 30% increase in business from 2019
  • On average, there are over 100,000 searches for Glamping holidays on Google each month
  • According to Market Research specialists Arizton, the glamping industry is set to grow by 11% per year to 2025
  • The hashtag #glamping has seen over 2.3m posts on Instagram, proving popularity with younger people

If you’re interested in starting up a glamping business, or you simply wish to add some Gala Dome glamping tents to your existing set-up, then why not give our team a call on 01709 242454, or start a live chat and we’ll be delighted to get you on the path to launching your glamping empire.


Both sides of fabric are coated with lacquer making them totally waterproof. The fabric is the rated and B1. UV resistant, black out, temperature to resistance of -30°c-+70°c.

Windows are an optional extra with a few design options, dome, square or triangle clear PVC windows, mesh window or glass window.

Wooden flooring system are also an option with VIP cassette flooring or simple cassette flooring available on request

Anchoring methods include ground anchors, weight plates, expandable bolts. Our frames are made of GB galvanized steel. They are engineered for both internal and external weight loads, and support lighting & sound equipment.

We can also provide a printing and branding service with logo and graphics.

Frequently asked questions for Geodesic Dome Tents:

Glamping is a portmanteau word that mashes Glamourous and Camping. In a nutshell, it’s spending a few nights sleeping in a luxurious structure, into which the glampsite owner will add decoration and creature comforts, such as a proper bed and furniture, a stove, or even a hot tub.

Of course you can, this is the exact reason that we launched this innovative new product, but they are reasonably priced enough that you can invest in one for your own garden to enjoy all year round. Some enterprising people have done both of the above, offering their garden dome out on sites like AirBnB to pay for their investment.

Gala Tent offers high-quality UV printing service for the geodesic Dome Tent covers. We can produce a free visual of the Dome Tent with your branding just send us your artwork and logo.

Yes. All Gala Dome geodesic tents have the ability to be connected, so that you can create a whole network of rooms and spaces if you’re creative with it.

The construction of our self-assembly geodesic dome kits is hot dip galvanised steel. This makes them completely protected from corrosion and they will not rust even if exposed for long periods of time. However, for better visual finish, we can offer the option of powder coating. All framework which provides a great looking aesthetic feature which provides a high-quality finish.

Due to their curved shape, Gala Domes are incredibly secure in windy conditions. According to Google, some geodesic domes have withstood hurricane strength winds, but we haven’t tested that. Our domes will withstand winds of up to 55mph.

Yes, we can create a Geodesic Dome Tent tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

All of our Glamping Tents are supplied with a 5cm insulation layer as standard. Heating options are available, but we would ask that you enquire with the team for further information.

All custom domes require 6-8weeks to manufacture and a minimum of 50% deposits is required, then a further balance payment within 3 weeks.

Shipping for this product is free throughout the uk and most parts of Europe and the rest of the world.

Geodesic Dome Tents provide a safe and weatherproof shelter in almost any climate. The intelligent and brilliant geo design means they can be used all year round in just about any environment. The Gala Tent Geo Dome is of super high-quality and built to last.

Yes, you can use a wood burning stove, in a Geodesic Dome Tent. If you are planning to build a large dome in a very extreme climate, you may consider using a chimney flue kit.

Yes, we would recommend the white colour for hot climates as this colour will reflect sunrays, while the insulation liner additionally prevents the heat from penetrating the interior. Insulation combined with the optional solar fan (heat extractor) is an effective way to keep your dome cool even in hot climate.

The Gala Dome Tents is a self-assembly kit and comes complete with easy to follow set up instructions. You also have the option of hiring a team in to assist and Gala Tent can offer some recommendations.

This all depends on the size and how many people you have on the job, so let's say you have 2/3 helpers on a 4m. 5m, 6m 8m, dome Tent. This should not take more than a few hours. However, if you have a 40m Dome then this would require 8 hours and the possibility of a crane.

The 6m dome is the most common size dome purchased for 2 adults because this size will allow you to have a king size bed, drawing table, changing area and possibly a small bathroom. If you have kids, then the 8m would be the next option these are quite manageable sizes for a trailer or pick up and don’t require any specialist equipment to set up. Also, with the 8m Dome you will have room for a fitted kitchen.

You would require a minimum of an 8m Dome Tent to provide the comfortable luxury of a kitchen and toilet facility.

Dome Tent kits are classed as a temporary structure and under UK law it is unlikely that you would require planning permission, however we would recommend you contact your local planning authority as council policies can differ from town to town.

In the unlikely event that you damage or break a pole, then depending on the size of your Dome Tent you would be looking at approximately £10 to £30 each to replace them. We can however quote you on a full replacement frame and a replacement canopy separately.

Gala Tent provide great quality marquees, gazebos and structures at affordable prices, with a range of sizes available to fill any space you have, so start preparing your event with Gala Tent, whatever the weather. If you need any further help, then here or some further options. Use our online Advice Centre or speak a live person on 01709 242454, Live Chat or email and somebody will be back to you as quickly as possible


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