Gala Tent Marquee - G1 - B - Ground Bar Pole

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G1 Ground Bar Pole, this bar is the grounds bar in-between the side wall panels along the ground, suitable for structures listed below, if you have purchased an Add On Bay, you will also require x2 straight ground bar joint and 1 pack of bungee straps to tie to the ground bar

This pole is used for the below size Gala Tent
2m x 3m
3m x 4m
3m x 6m
3m x 8m
3m x 10m
4m x 4m
4m x 6m
4m x 8m
4m x 10m
4m x 12m
6m x 6m
6m x 6m
6m x 8m
6m x 10m
6m x 12m
* 38mm steel round pole
* Approx 2m
* Up to 1.2mm gauge
* Colour: white powder coated

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