Gala Tent Marquee Infill Sidewall (PE) - Pair

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Unite and Elevate Your Event Space with the Gala Tent Marquee Linking Infill Panels!

Have you ever wanted a flawless way to connect two or more Gala Tent Marquees without the fear of weather disruptions? Our specially designed linking infill panels have been curated just for you.

Crafted exclusively for the 2m sidewalls, these panels not only ensure a sleek, uninterrupted finish but are the perfect companion to the gutter kit. Picture your event, unhindered by gusty winds or unexpected rain showers. With these infill panels, you’re guaranteed a watertight environment, ensuring your event remains memorable for all the right reasons.

Don’t let the elements dictate the mood of your occasion. Upgrade your Gala Tent Marquee setup and provide your guests with a seamlessly integrated and weather-resistant experience. Add the Gala Tent Marquee Linking Infill Panels to your cart today!

Crafted to perfection. Designed for distinction.
Gala Tent Marquee Linking Infill Panel Specifications:
  • Material: Premium 240g PE, ensuring commercial quality and longevity.
  • Fastening: Incorporates heavy-duty zips on either side of the panel for a secure and snug fit.
Optional Addition:
  • Gutter Kit: Available as an add-on to enhance the linking capability and ensure a watertight connection.
Your ultimate choice for a seamless marquee experience. Crafted with precision, designed for excellence

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