3m x 3m Gala Shade Pro Gazebo Red Sidewalls

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Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with the 3m x 3m Gazebo Sidewalls Set

Attention Outdoor Enthusiasts! Step up your outdoor setup with our exquisite 3m x 3m gazebo sidewalls, specially tailored for the acclaimed Gala Shade Pro Pop-up Gazebos. Immerse yourself in a choice of twelve vibrant colours, crafted to captivate every onlooker.

Intrigued by its Features? Dive into the craftsmanship:

Supreme Waterproofing: Fashioned from a robust 600d PVC-coated Polyester, these walls promise resistance against even the most unpredictable British showers.

User-Friendly Setup: Say goodbye to the hassle! Industry-standard velcro strips ensure seamless attachment to your Gala Shade Pro Gazebo Canopy, whilst discreet zips ensure interconnectedness for a snug, enclosed atmosphere.

Comprehensive Inclusions: This pack brings together two sleek 3m gazebo sides, a windowed wall boasting a privacy blind, and a zipped door panel to welcome guests with grace.

Diverse Customisation: Prefer a dash of distinction? Opt for individual full or half walls, available for next working day delivery, and let your personality shine!

Desire a Flawless Finish? Tighten up your walls effortlessly with the Gala Shade Gazebo Ground Bars. Integrated sleeves and leg attachments guarantee impeccable stability.

Imagination Unleashed: From classic White, Black, Red, and Blue to eclectic Orange, Pink, Purple, and the adventurous Camo-style Leaftree design, let your gazebo mirror your spirit.

Enhance every gathering, make memories, and stand out with an outdoor sanctuary that speaks volumes about your style. Choose our 3m x 3m gazebo sidewalls and step into a world of elegance and utility. 


* 600d Polyester PVC lined panels
* Side panel storage bag
* Heavy duty eyelets inside & out
* Sleeve for ground bar
* Clear window with blind cover
* Heavy duty Velcro which attached to canopy
* Heavy duty zips up corners
* Zip door entry & tie back clips
* 6' side skirt for water drainage
Optional Equipment
* Ground bar Set
* Tie down kit
* Printing Service
* Sidewall Pegs
* Pegs
Packaging Details
Dimensions: 63x35x16cm
Weight: 14kg

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