Why choose Gala Shade

Why choose Gala Shade? Gala Shade is Gala’s range of heavy-duty pop up gazebos for commercial applications. Quality build design which balances exceptional durability and strength, practicality and value-for-money Gala Shade’s erects in minutes with 2 persons, no tools needed, simply take out of the storage bag, take hold of centre eave and expand the concertina framework: what could be simpler!

Designed and Built in Britain Even though a high percentage Gala's bill of materials are imported we are the only manufacturer that not only design and build their products, we also assemble components and modules to make a full structure in Britain. Making Gala Tent a British manufacturer and the patent protected products are “Designed and Built in Britain” investing in the British workforce and economy.

You are buying quality!........ If you have a pro, you are a pro!
Gala Shade Pro-MX The new Gala Shade Pro-MX has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the commercial market. It has an easy-up fast build mechanism and can be quickly erected by two people. Totally portable, Gala Shade Pro-MX is extremely robust and durable to withstand the bump and grind of regular use. Benefiting from 32mm box section steel framework, which is 1.2mm in depth, providing extreme strength. The depth may be a little over engineered for this shade but we believe Gala Shade Pro-MX is now in a league of its own.

Gala Shade Pro-40 The material specification of the Gala Shade Pro-40 indicates it is designed to last. The aluminium leg poles are 40mm in diameter and 2mm in depth: the hexagonal framework is lightweight yet provides exceptional strength, with hammer tested colour coordinated profile aluminium and grey nylon joints, which do give the look of aluminium at a glance but evidently more substantial.

Gala Shade Pro-50 Gala’s top of the range Gala Shade™ The material specification of the Gala Shade Pro indicates unrivalled quality. Again we have designed aluminium leg poles but this time manufactured to 50mm in diameter and 2mm depth: the hexagonal section provides exceptional strength with profile aluminium joints incorporating the patnet nylon inserts creating a smooth action motion for effortless erection. The Photos and specifications speak for themselves, a truly Elite product!

Gala Shade™ Side Walls Gala Shade™ sidewalls have also been upgraded; they are now 600d polyester PVC coated and totally generic and will accommodate Gala Shade’s full range of commercial quality pop up gazebos. The sidewalls attach to the canopy with a long strip of heavy-duty Velcro giving a very clean tight finished appearance, benefiting also from heavy duty zips down the corners along with thick set heavy duty Velcro which attached to the leg poles, this eliminates wind passing through. Gala Shade™ sidewalls also benefit from PVC side skirts, which peg down to ensure water drainage for an unspoilt event. The Gala Shade™ window panels have a full blank out cover on the inside so your event can be both well lit or set to privacy depending on the event. Each sidewall has a sleeve in the bottom to house a ground bar, these pass through to clip to the lower leg framework for added stability, eyelets for ground pegs just below the sleeve have been incorporated in the design for events which do not require ground bars. I’m sure we have thought of just about everything here.

Gala Shade™ Canopy We have upgraded our Gala Shade™ canopy; they are now totally generic and will fit all our range of Gala Shade™. The canopy material is now seam-sealed and water-resistant to an even higher standard. The canopy incorporates thick set heavy-duty Velcro sewn in around the inner valance edge for attaching sidewalls, now manufactured from 600d polyester with PVC coating, lightweight yet provides extreme strength and durability. The canopy benefits from reinforcing on the corner joints, mid sections and roof peak where joints may rub ensuring a longer life span, all outer corners have a built in heavy duty hook loop, this can be used for a tie down kits for added security in windy conditions.

Use Gala Shade to enhance your company and brand image The Gala Shade™ range is used by many of Britain’s leading companies for promotional events to raise brands awareness. The quality finish of the Gala Shade™ range mirrors the qualities companies seek to incorporate into their brand identities. You can raise awareness of your product, company and campaign through the use of colour printing on the Gala Shade canopy and sidewalls.

Promotional Events Gala Shade is ideal for promotional events, catering, trade stands at exhibitions, market stalls and lots more besides. Bring your imagination into play; we’re sure you can find many other uses for your Gala Shade. Don’t leave it lingering in storage, use it in your reception area, or as a entrance canopy, maybe even a smoking shelter.

Trusted Trademark Gala Tent Ltd has gone to excessive lengths to produce the most durable versatile structures on the market today. Gala Tent Ltd own full intellectual property rights to all Gala Shade™ designs we have invested in registering the trademark, names along with Patent and all copyrights to design to protect the special features that only our Gala Shade™ have. You can trust a trademark brand name; remember your event could be a disaster if you don’t invest wisely; we have heard many stories of spoilt occasions. Photos are not enough information when buying structures, detailed specifications are, and you may think one structure is like another? “You would be wrong”

Fire Rated Marquees All Gala Shade™ are fire rated to British Standard BS 7837 awarded after rigorous tests by Intertek. Fire certificates have to be produced at a number of events nowadays so you risk being refused entry if your structure doesn’t qualify. Choosing Gala Shade™ eliminates that risk!

Special Features of the Gala Shade™ The Gala Shade frame benefits from a smart ‘quick release- clip for safe leg height adjustment making the structure very easy to put up and take down.

Now Benefits From 5 Adjustable Height Positions
Position 1:
From ground to valance: 1400mm
From ground to the centre: 1440mm
From ground to the top: 2680cm
Position 2:
From ground to valance: 1550mm
From ground to the centre: 1590mm
From ground to the top: 2830cm
Position 3:
From ground to valance: 1700mm
From ground to the centre: 1740mm
From ground to the top: 2980mm
Position 4: From ground to valance: 1850mm
From ground to the centre: 1890mm
From ground to the top: 3130mm
Position 5:
From ground to valance: 2000mm
From ground to the centre: 2040mm
From ground to the top: 3280mm

Ground Bar Set Our new ground bars are also generic and will fit our full range of Gala Shade™. Whether used on hard standing or a soft ground surface ground bars are the recommended accessory for added stability. The ground bars link each leg together, creating a frame around the base. This makes the whole structure more level and stable.

Storage Bags Our Gala Shade™ storage bag has always been quality however we have improved the wheels making them much easier to transport over grass. We have also improved the storage facility for sidewalls, pegs and equipment.

Optional Equipment Gala Tent has developed specialised lighting, heating, gutter kits, weighted feet, fitted trade tables and connectors for the Gala Shade

Printing and Branding Gala Shade™ is great for promotional events, giving your presentation that extra touch of class. Take advantage of Gala Tent’s digital photo quality print service to add extra full-colour impact to your event. The key to successful exhibiting and outdoor trade show depends on standing out from the crowd, and there is no better way to do this than with a fully printed Gala Shade™ All successful business and companies’ exhibit, hold events and run promotions as they are essential to build your brand awareness and increase sales. Whether you are holding your own event, exhibiting at a trade show or local event, a promotional Gala Shade™ with your brand and logos are a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Spare Parts We receive hundreds of emails and telephone calls every year from distressed individuals who require a spare joint, pole or canopy for their pop up gazebo, which they have purchased elsewhere, unfortunately we can't assist. This would have been a simple process if they had purchased a Gala Shade™ as all spare parts can be purchased online.

Gala Tent Ltd is a family run business Purchase with confidence from Gala Tent Ltd, a family business specialising in the supply and manufacture of marquees and gazebos.