Why buy from Gala Tent

View the Gala Tent TV commercial, once you’ve seen this you’ll understand why Gala Tent is the UK’s leading supplier of marquees, gazebos and accessories.

Company The largest stock of marquees and accessories in Europe, Gala Tent uses its buying power to deliver the superior quality at a better price.

Delivery A quality product fit for purpose, at an unbeatable price, delivered to your door next day.

Pricing We believe our price structure is unbeatable and would challenge any company to offer a like-for-like marquee or gazebo for the same price!

Control Gala Tent retains full control of the design, specification and manufacture of all its products. There are no middlemen. With Gala Tent you’re dealing with the first line supplier.

Brand Gala Tent™ is a registered trademark. Continuous investment, development, design and innovation and Patents: we are committed to manufacturing only quality products to maintain our status.

Innovation Gala Tents are the most practical and durable marquees. We are continuously seeking to refine our designs. For example, we’ve developed individual zip and Dutch lacing sidewall panels for all our Gala Tent™ range so you can create an access point anywhere around the structure. Joining kits to link any structure in parallel and other features our competitors can only dream of.

Customer We take customer feedback very seriously and genuinely listen to your suggestions. For example, we have recently extended our Gala Shade Pro legs to cater for a growing client base of golfers who purchase this structure to use as a driving range cover.

Team The Gala Tent sales team receives in-depth technical training. The aim is to ensure you make the best value purchase for your special event. So, if you are not sure which product to choose, complete our contact form and a specialist member of our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

Service Gala Tent is the front line supplier. We design and specify all our products. Our objective is to answer your queries as quickly and accurately as possible. With Gala Tent there are no intermediaries – no middlemen or wholesalers.

Competition We are always or three or four steps ahead of the game.

Fabric Gala Tent only uses quality materials tried and tested for over a decade. All Gala Tent marquees or gazebos come complete with fire certification rated to British Standard BS 5438 + BS 7837 awarded after rigorous testing by independent test house, Intertek.

Stability When you buy a Gala Tent you also have the option of purchasing ground bars, tie down kits or weights to add extra stability and strength.

Flexibility With With Gala Tents you can purchase add-on bays to make your structure larger and more adaptable. Heating and lighting equipment designed to fit to the framework is also available.

After Sales Lost a pole or a fitting? Damaged a side panel? You can purchase spares for all Gala Tents online. How many suppliers offer that level of support?