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Why Choose Gala Tent?

Why Should You Choose Gala Tent?

Quite frankly, we will all need a Gala Tent at some point in our lives as the British weather is so unpredictable. And surprisingly not everyone owns one, as when the issue of cover arises, you will panic and look to borrow or hire one or maybe buy one at the last minute only to be faced with no stock or faced with 28 day delivery lead time, or worse the tent lost in the post when it should have been delivered on the event day.. what a disaster!

A Gala Tent is the perfect example of the adage, “You get what you pay for.”

For example, you get a truly impressive array instant opportunities for your convenience and security that will add a smile to your face.

So, owning a Gala Tent has many benefits and we would be honoured if you would become one of our 300,000 satisfied customers.

Instant Garden Party

Able to host a party at the weekend without the worry of the weather spoiling the occasion. Your party will be talked about for years to follow, so don’t make it a one off, take the lead and became the team party planner.

Planning a Day Trip or Holiday

Take your Gala Tent along for the ride to provide cover for a picnic or BBQ or just a space to sit a relax.

Get More Business

If you have a business, then Gala Tent can provide you with cover for outdoor promotions and even generate you an extra income

Sports Day

Maybe you or your children or quite sporty, whether this is football, fishing, cycling, rowing or running. At some point of the journey you will need some touch line shelter for change of clothes, refreshments and shade.

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Be a Hero

See your children's face light up when you arrange a children's party and invite all their friends over for a picnic, arrange some garden games to really make a memorable occasion.

Hire It

You will be surprised at how many people have started a business hiring Gala Tents from a friend asking to borrow it. And we have case studies of these where Gala Tent owners achieve over £100,000 per annuum extra income. (just ask us about this)

Giving Back

Everyone should participate in a little charity work; your Gala Tent can provide you with a station to promote a local cause which is really rewarding. Celebrities, Politicians, Entrepreneurs and public figures do this so why shouldn't you.

Lost or Broken? You'll Get a Quick Replacement

If a part is lost or broken, an emergency replacement can be provided, usually by the end of the next business day.

Events like these only begin to tell the story of how Gala Tent can add value to your life experiences.

0% Finance Options

Finance is a fantastic way to spread the cost of your Gala Tent. To make it easy we’ve added the ability to let you apply for and then complete the loan application quickly and entirely online.

In a few words, Gala Tent is the most effective introduction to the world of events, entertainment, and the good life yet devised. Yet surprisingly, these benefits are all yours to enjoy for the modest investment of just a few hundred pounds.

Why not speak to a specialist today on 01709 242454 or download a free brochure from www.galatent.co.uk