3m x 3m Gala Shade Pro 40 Gazebo (Pop Up Frame Only)

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Introducing the Gala Shade Pro-40 Framework

The Gold Standard in Commercial Gazebos

Attention Event Organisers and Outdoor Aficionados!

Discover the Gala Shade Pro-40, perfectly positioned to be the mid-range marvel in our collection, but designed with the premium quality synonymous with Gala Tent.

Why Choose the Gala Shade Pro-40?

Superior Craftsmanship: The Pro-40 is not just built, but ingeniously crafted to stand the test of time. Dive into specifications that radiate longevity: boasting aluminium leg poles and frame that are impressively over 40mm in diameter with a 2mm depth.

Hexagonal Strength: The Pro-40's framework, featuring a 42mm x 15mm hexagonal design, is synonymous with unbeatable strength. It's not just a gazebo, it's a fortress of reliability.

Sleek & Functional: Admire the eye-catching, hammer-tested, grey nylon joints, seamlessly mimicking the aluminium aesthetic. Beyond their sleek look, these joints provide an effortlessly smooth sliding action.
Innovation Meets Durability

Rely on a gazebo built on cutting-edge engineering principles. We've incorporated a class of Nylon typically reserved for high-end engineering projects. Why? It replaces steel with something more cost-effective, durable, and with a heightened flex tolerance, making it perfect for uneven terrains.

Elevate your outdoor experience with the Gala Shade Pro-40 — where mid-range meets top-tier excellence.
Gala Shade Pro 40 Framework Specification 

5 Adjustable Height Positions

Position 1:
  • From ground to valance: 1400mm
  • From ground to the centre: 1440mm
  • From ground to the top: 2680cm
Position 2:
  • From ground to valance: 1550mm
  • From ground to the centre: 1590mm
  • From ground to the top: 2830cm
Position 3:
  • From ground to valance: 1700mm
  • From ground to the centre: 1740mm
  • From ground to the top: 2980mm
Position 4:
  • From ground to valance: 1850mm
  • From ground to the centre: 1890mm
  • From ground to the top: 3130mm
Position 5:
  • From ground to valance: 2000mm
  • From ground to the centre: 2040mm
  • From ground to the top: 3280mm

Frame Specifications
  • Leg size: hexagonal 40mm x 40mm, (50mm x 50mm corner to corner)
  • Frame weight: 29kg
  • We use robust screws fixing for easy repair
  • We use grey hammer tested Nylon joints, NOT Plastic PP materials
  • We use 6061/T6 aluminium, used in our big modular marquees
  • 3m x 3m commercial pop up framework
Packaging Details
  • Dimensions: 170x32x32cm
  • Weight: 21kg

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