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The great thing about pop-up gazebos is how adaptable they are. You can add on awnings to create some shade, put on some side walls to protect from the elements or make a clear entrance or even change your gazebo into a full tent with windows and doors.

Gazebos offer the same kind of flexibility as a marquee but are lighter, easy to transport and much quicker to put up and down.

Gazebo Walls and Side Panels:

What are they useful for?

Three things:

Since the walls and side panels are really easy to remove and add on (you just attach it with heavy-duty Velcro) you end up with a really adjustable gazebo that you can use time and time again for all sorts of events, whether you want to use it commercially or personally.

When do people use side walls?



Take a look at this video to see some examples of businesses using pop-up gazebos with side walls:

Are they easy to put on?

Sidewalls are really easy to add to your gazebo, you just attached them with very strong Velcro and heavy-duty zips. That means if the weather suddenly turns you can adapt your structure really quickly.

What different types are available?

Full sidewall kits

The full side wall kits include walls for all the way round your gazebo including a front panel with a zip front door and a back wall. The back wall has a clear window that has a roll-up shutter cover. This creates the effect of a closed tent.

Gazebo Walls Gazebo Walls

Half side walls

Half-side walls are mainly used for commercial purposes to create the effect of a market stall.

Inner Tents for Gazebos

An inner tent is a really nifty accessory that lets you transform your gazebo from a basic canopy to a fully-fledged tent. It’s a fantastic way to get all the benefits of a marquee but in a much smaller, compact (and cheaper!) product. So if you want a more flexible, smaller tent than a marquee this accessory will suit you.

It has a window at the back to let in light that can also be covered with a panel for privacy and comes with a built in ground sheet.  

Gazebo Walls Gazebo Walls


You can add awnings on to your gazebo to protect from the sun or rain and create a little area at the front of your gazebo to spend time in. In a commercial context, an awning creates a good space to speak to customers and display your products. They can also be custom printed to display your marketing material.

How can you tell whether an accessory will be good quality?

Criteria for the quality of a side-wall or awning is similar to that of the canopy. You’re looking for thickness, which indicates a hard-wearing, quality material that will last. Look for small details that indicate workmanship.

You also need to make sure that your accessories will attach securely to the main body by judging the strength of the Velcro used. We use heavy-duty Velcro for this task.

Can I buy a sidewall from a different place that I bought my gazebo? Will it still fit and be secure?

This will vary from brand to brand. If you’re buying a high-quality gazebo it is likely that it will have been designed to work with specific types of side-walls, often walls that are exclusive to the same seller. So, for example, our sidewalls only work with Gala shade products.

Of course, you can try sidewalls that aren’t designed for your gazebo, but they might not be secure and robust.

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