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Why would I need a heavy-duty marquee?

You’d probably want to invest in a heavy-duty, hard-wearing and durable marquee if:

Which materials are the most hard-wearing?

Canopy material



Polyethylene (PE)

The cheapest end of the range; a tarpaulin/plastic-type material; ours weigh 240gsm (one of the heaviest ranges of PE available)

The PE range is for those looking for a lightweight, affordable and replaceable marquee, rather than strength and durability


Combines a polyester canvas with a PVC coating on the inside for water resistance and strength. Weight is 500gsm

Yes – provide a combination of style and durability so ideal for both weddings and corporate events


Known as our ‘elite’ tent due to the lavish, silky appearance of the covers and being the heaviest range at 650gsm

Our most heavy-duty marquee material is renowned for its hard-wearing and long-lasting properties. Ideal for commercial use and feature a self-cleaning finish

Framework material




Our tubular pole framework is made with galvanised steel that is powder-coated for extra durability and safety

Very much so; with our heavy-duty PVC canopy this is the most durable structure you can purchase


We use extruded aluminium, which is less vulnerable to corrosion than cast aluminium. Lighter than steel so perfect for our fusion marquee range

Yes, but less so than our steel framework

Signs that a marquee won’t last or is flimsy

There are many places online where you can buy cheap marquees, usually made from PE weighing 120gsm or even less. These marquees will not last: they’re sold for one-off events and some are not equipped to withstand even that one use.

The cheaper marquees will also use plastic joints, which are prone to snapping as soon as the tent is erected.

If you’re in the market for a marquee, particularly one intended for repeated or commercial use, then make sure you buy from a professional manufacturer. We offer spare parts as well as repairs and replacement parts for the unlikely event that any breakage or damage arises.

Contact our team for any further advice about material type and durability – we’re always happy to help.

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