Pop Up Gazebos in Event Hire

Whilst there are many different functions and applications that an event hirer might find valuable for providing their marquees, there’s also plenty of value to be found in utilising pop-up gazebos in event hire, and equally numerous benefits in doing so.

The undoubted benefit to offering marquees is the sheer number of people that can be covered by a single tent, especially the larger Fusion Modular Marquees, and they can keep your clients’ guests covered come rain, wind or shine when anchored well. However, sometimes you don’t necessarily need to cover hundreds, or you don’t have a full team of people to erect the tent. So, what alternative do you have? Gazebos, of course.


There are various reasons you should be keeping a selection of pop-up gazebos as part of the products you’re able to offer, and the benefits include:


Like a marquee, a pop-up gazebo can be pretty much anything you want it to be. A pop-up cinema? A music gig stage? A children’s play area? With the right decorations and additional equipment, you can make it anything your client needs.


A gazebo can be erected in a matter of minutes, leaving your clients ready to go as good as immediately. Your time is valuable. Make the most of it with a gazebo.


Pop-up tents have a greater scope for personalisation and branding, from a simple logo to full colour-matching and bespoke designs, where a marquee does not offer this. By having your company name on the tents, you give yourself a greater chance of securing further business.


There are several ways in which a pop-up tent will have a value to your private and commercial clients, especially if you supplement them with additional products. Here are five of our favourite novel applications for a gazebo.


One of the most popular purposes for a private hire pop-up is to provide welcome privacy and shelter for a small hot tub. If you have the budget available then adding a tub to your services will go down a treat with customers.

A hot tub beneath a white pop-up shelter


You’ll need the necessary public screening licenses if you intend to offer specific films and charge people to view them, but drive-in cinemas have become a major trending source of entertainment after the peaks of the covid-19 pandemic. As the weather heats up over the summer, you’d do very well to offer personal garden cinemas, complete with sound system, popcorn and bean bags for your clients. If you simply provide the equipment for the evening and leave it with them so you can collect it the next day, then they’re free to watch whatever they choose, whether it’s a blockbuster movie or their wedding video.


If a festival seems a little too out of reach, then building a partnership with musicians and performers would be a great idea, offering private performances of covers or originals for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply for the fun of it.

2 pop up[ gazebos covering some benches in a pub's beer garden


During the Spring of 2021 in the covid-19 pandemic, pubs and restaurants were only permitted to offer outdoor service. During this time, thousands of hospitality venues purchased pop-up gazebos to create amazing environments and protect their depleted revenues. This industry became a vital source of revenue for hiring professionals, whose tents were rented out on long term contracts. The beauty of a pop-up gazebo is that they are very easy to erect and take back down again at the end of the evening, effectively becoming an instant shelter when the weather needs it.


There are thousands of festivals taking place up and down the country every year, and they’re not all as huge as Glastonbury. Many promoters from small towns and villages put on festivals to host local and up-and-coming bands who will entertain the patrons. Finding these promoters and working with them to add trade stalls and bars will help them to increase revenue.

Of course, there are many other uses for pop-up gazebos when it comes to hiring them out, these are simply some of the most notable ones we’ve encountered. The great British weather is an unpredictable beast, so having an instant shelter available is an amazing asset to you and your business.

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