Cheap Marquees

Are you in the market for a marquee but working with a limited budget? It can be very tempting to splash a little cash on a cheap marquee from a non-specialist online global retailer or supermarket filled with seasonal special buys, thinking it will save you money. However, it's essential to consider the long-term value and durability of your investment. Cheap marquees can be a major a false economy if purchased from supermarkets or home and garden superstores. It is much more prudent to purchase from a specialist that has spent 25 years developing products that are fit for the purpose, whatever purpose you might have in mind.

Gala Tent Original PE Marquee

The Original PE Gala Tent Marquee is the lowest costed party tent to purchase from Gala Tent. It uses the same robust powder-coated steel framework as the top-of-the-line Elite PVC marquee, but the compromise lies in the double-coated 240gsm PE covers. Make no mistake, this is not a supermarket-quality marquee, this is a superior standard of product developed exclusively by a specialist of 25 years. With sizes from 3m x 2m up to a huge 6m x 24m, the Original PE marquee offers exceptional value.

Price from: £318.99
A Gala Tent Marquee outdoors

The Original PE marquee is perfectly suited for home and garden uses, as well as any light commercial applications for businesses that need a little more space than they might get from a pop up gazebo. These marquees have been used as hot tub shelters, shelter on the decking, trading stalls and wedding marquees. They may be the cheapest marquees available to buy from Gala Tent, but we would never sell a product that we aren't 100% confident would do any job you demanded of it.

Why Choose Gala Tent?

Gala Tent has been a trusted name in the gazebo and marquee industry for over two decades. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is unparalleled. We specialise in supplying high-quality marquees for a wide range of budgets, ensuring that everyone can find a suitable option for their needs. Whether you're hosting a small garden gathering, trading at summer craft fairs, or organising a large-scale event, Gala Tent is guaranteed to have the perfect solution for you.

The Importance of Long-Term Value

When investing in a marquee, it's crucial to consider the long-term value rather than focusing solely on the initial cost. Cheap marquees may seem like a cost-effective choice at first, but they often result in frequent replacements or repairs, ultimately costing you more in the long run. The Gala Tent Original PE Marquee offers a unique combination of affordability, durability, and quality, providing you with a long-lasting marquee that will stand the test of time.

Marquee Spare Parts

Unlike many other overseas retailers, Gala Tent offers spare parts for all of our products, usually with next working day delivery. This services offers peace of mind for you as the customer, as you know that even in the case of accidental damage you only need to replace a small component of your marquee, therefore making your investment in a Gala Tent the wisest decision you ever made.

If you're in the market for a low-cost, functional marquee but you want Gala Tent quality and you aren't sure which tent is right for you, then simply give our team a call on 01709 242454 or start a Live Chat via the button in the corner of the page. Alternatively, why not drop us a message via the form below and we'll be in touch quickly.

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