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Garden Marquees For Every Outdoor Occasion

Are you planning a garden party? with a great quantity of quintessentially English garden parties held each year, one must have a garden marquee for cover, mustn't one.

Gala Tent have a collection of beautiful garden marquees you can buy rather than hire to use all year round as well with a range of accessories. This gives you the opportunity to choose to create the perfect event for your garden party.

Garden parties are part of our English heritage, the garden marquee is dedicated to providing cover for an unspoilt special occasion.

Your guests will be absolutely amazed at your attention to detail and the stunning effects made by our outdoor lighting and heating, this will help create a pleasant atmosphere and warm temperature especially when it begins to drop in the evening.

And with sizes ranging from 2m x 3m to 6m x 24m our garden marquess will fit perfectly into any garden.

Why not buy one of these beautiful and unique garden marquees to sit over your English Garden Party this summer and celebrate your special occasion in style year upon year!

10 Unforgettable garden party ideas

  • Make your garden party special by sending out invitations with a theme for example, black tie, or 1700s period drama.
  • Charm your guests upon arrival and make them feel instantly welcomed with a sign. You can transform any surface into a message board with a simple coat of chalkboard paint follow this up with arrival drinks and you have set the tone for a great party.
  • Give your guests a job, delegate what they need to bring to the party, this could be a case of wine or cakes. Another idea would be to put the most creative person in charge of decorations. People love to participate in planning a party, your guests also get to add some value, and this is a great talking point throughout the day. Who made the buntings? There great! Who made the cake?
  • A great garden party setting will require some flowers, decorate the table with a centre piece of flowers.
  • Cocktails work and add glamour to your garden party. Set up a simple bar in your garden marquee. Everyone has a favourite cocktail, you could even print of a menu with instructions, Mines a Pims, thanks!
  • Prosecco is the perfect theme. From drinks and cocktails to Prosecco games and colour and decoration themes, why not make some Prosecco flavoured lolly's or jelly?
  • A garden is the ultimate setting for a tea party. Serve mini pastries, scones, and plenty of finger sandwiches on a 3-tier afternoon tea platter, very classy!
  • Garden party games are a fantastic ice breaker and will be a huge hit with guests of all ages. Stick to the classics such as Croquet, Skittles, Jenga, Connect 4. Classic garden party games will look more sophisticated and will last for years to come.
  • No party is complete without taking some memorable photos so set up a homemade booth! Capture the fun times perfectly but, leave a camera out and some fun props to encourage guests to dress up, this always get a smile. The garden provides the ideal backdrop to ensure beautiful photos.
  • Finish the evening off with lighting Chinese lanterns as they symbolize the wish for a bright future. In addition, the Chinese believe that while red is a symbol of happiness, gold is a symbol of wealth.