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Tent Buyer's Guide

Why choose a Gala Tent™ marquee

Established in 1999, Gala Tent™ has almost two decades of manufacturing marquees and meeting customer demands, with specific product functionality and requirements. The company has gained worldwide recognition, winning local and international business awards, so it is fair to say that Gala Tent provides a high quality product, and great value for money.

Which marquee is right for me?

PE - The Original Gala Tent™

The PE range is Gala Tent™ entry level commercial quality marquee; offering high quality specification at a low price point. PE material is mainly popular with individuals looking to host garden parties and domestic events.

PE, also known as Polyethylene, is a heavy-duty tarpaulin/plastic coated material. Gala Tent™ PE covers are 240gsm, which makes them one of the most heavy-duty ranges of polyethylene available on the market. We have received reports and evidence of our competitors advertising lower priced products with covers of 240gsm, to enable them to compete with the high-end quality of Gala, but in reality, they are 160gsm, which is not substantial enough to provide you with adequate shelter. Prices start from as little as £199.99, giving you the ultimate balance between quality and value for money.

Advantages of PE

Affordable – The PE range is the most affordable marquee on offer at Gala Tent™ giving the most value for money.

The Gala Tent™ Marquee PE is also affordable to maintain. In the event of accidental damage, you can purchase all spare parts and covers online and they will be delivered to you on the next working day, meaning you may never need be without your Gala Tent™ marquee.

PVC - The Elite Gala Tent™

The PVC range is the highest quality material that Gala Tent™ offers. PVC is renowned for being the most hard wearing and heavy-duty marquee material available, so we use it in our Elite Marquee™ range. Our 650gsm PVC covers have a lavish, silky appearance, ideal for commercial and frequent domestic use. Again, we see our competitors using questionable tactics by deceptively adjusting their product descriptions in a bid to match our quality (see video here). The heavy-duty nature of PVC covers means that they are suitable for frequent commercial and domestic use. They also feature a self-cleaning finish, allowing them to be easily wiped clean or simply hosed down, leaving you with beautifully clean covers without strenuous cleaning. Prices start form as little as £299.99.

Advantages of PVC

Heavy-duty – The PVC range of marquees are the most heavy-duty on the market at a massive commercial 650gsm specification.

Lavish appearance – The lavish, silky appearance of Gala Tent™ PVC covers make them incredibly popular with corporate events. A main USP for the PVC Elite is the Industrial Dutch-lacing fastening on all side panels, Gala Tent use this method as stitching PVC is not a commercial option as this will eventually rip off. You will only ever see Dutch lacing on the highest quality marquees.

Non - Toxic Steel Structural Components

Gala Tent™ steel tubular pole framework is carefully treated with white powder coating, NOT galvanized or zinc coated paint, which can potentially be dangerous to humans due to the acid that is used in the manufacturing processes. Remember that your hands will be coming into contact with the poles, and in some cases this can lead to poisoning. Galvanized steel also stains the material which then makes the marquee fabric more perishable. This is why Gala Tent™ use powder coating for the perfect elegant finish. See European Competitor Case Study.

They're Much Bigger!

Gala Tent™ Marquees which are 6m wide, have an extra 'A' framework and extra centre ridge frame, the height is also enhanced and increased to 3.7m engineered for safety, whilst our competitors are content to supply marquees with 3m dwarf-style unsafe versions see case study which do not compare to Gala Tent™

Watch a video of one of our competitor's marquees in action

This video was sent in to our customer service department, by an individual who asked specifically to create awareness of his story after purchasing from the German tent company House of Tents. The video shows an inferior product, not suitable for purpose. Clear video evidence shows the poor quality in manufacturing and misleading descriptions. Once delivered to the UK or anywhere else in Europe the return postage can be hundreds of pounds making the purchase a total loss. Our research shows there are some UK and European companies selling a similar quality Marquee, a clear giveaway to look for is on a 6m wide marquee the height will be limited to 3m to centre Apex. It would be wise to stay clear of this particular tent and or the company selling them. If you have had a similar story of events please comment

Value for money

The Gala Tent™ range is an affordable solution, and with prices starting at just £199.99 there is an option to suit all tastes and budgets, with a choice of two different materials (PVC and Polyethylene PE). When buying a Gala Tent, you are not only buying the product but you are also buying award winning customer care and after sales service.

First Class Service

From the very first point of contact, Gala Tent™ will always endeavour to communicate promptly and efficiently. Gala Tent™ will find out more about your needs to supply the right marquee for you. Gala Tent™ always strive to solve the odd problem quickly and satisfactory. Read reviews

Replacement Parts

All replacement parts for Gala Tent™ products are all available on a next working day delivery! Over the years, Gala Tent™ have had thousands of emails from distressed individuals searching for spare parts for their marquees purchased from other suppliers, but unfortunately we cannot assist. This could easily have been avoided if they had bought from Gala Tent™, as all spares can be purchased online.

View our full range of spare parts

Quality Products

Everything from the zips to the framework are engineered to the highest standard. The material used by Gala Tent™ is guaranteed for up to five years, with some customers informing us that they had still been using their structures for up to ten years before having to purchase replacements.

Fire-rated Marquees

Gala Tent™ are fireproof rated to British Standard requirements – BS 5438 and BS 7837 after being tested rigorously by Intertek and certifications can be downloaded online.

View our instruction manuals, care guides and fire certificates

Robust Framework

Gala Tent™ steel framework is up to 1.2mm wall thickness, which helps to prevent the framework from bending. The 6m ranges of marquees are manufactured and engineered in up to 44mm poles and 3.7m in height; this is a fundamental feature for stability for this size marquee.

Choice of Optional Equipment

At Gala Tent™, we are able to offer you an extensive choice of equipment with which to personalise your Gala Tent™. With our specially designed heating, lighting, lining and flooring we can fulfil all of your event requirements. We also have a range of equipment which allows you to add extra strength and stability to your structure, such as ground bars and ratchet tie down kits. You can also extend your structure by using our modular add-on bay option.

View our range of optional equipment

Up to 3 Years Interest Free Finance

Gala Tent™ offer a Pay4Later finance scheme which enables you to receive your goods and pay for them in monthly instalments. All items are available on finance, the minimum order is £350. Apply here

Trusted Trademark

Gala Tent™ has gone to excessive lengths to produce the most durable multi-purpose structure in today's market. Gala Tent™ own full intellectual copyrights to all Gala Tent designs and has invested in The Gala Tent™ trademark to protect all special design features that only Gala Tent™ has.

Designed and Built in Britain

Gala Tent™ are the only manufacturers that not only design and build their own products but they also assemble and module to make a full structure in Britain. Making Gala Tent™ a British manufacturer and the IP and patent protected products are “Designed and Built in Britain” investing in the British workforce and economy.

Privacy Policy

When our sales team ask for your details such as your contact number, address and telephone number, rest assured that we do not give out or sell your details to any third party. With in-house GDPR practitioners, we ensure we comply fully with privacy regulations.

There are so many stories from individuals about buying a marquee which isn't fit for purpose from one of our competitors. click here to find out more information to help you in these situations. We have also compiled a sample letter to help you return your goods, click here to download.

So, don't forget, it's not an event without a Gala Tent – a quality product designed in the UK and built to last.

Delivery Pricing

Gala Tent offer an unrivalled next-day delivery (if ordered before 4pm), delivery is free if you spend £100 or more.

Trusted Contact Centre

Gala Tent agents will never ask you to read out and compromise your credit card banking details over the phone, we use SOTpay which is a fully PCI DSS Compliant digital payment technology, speak to us in confidence. CALL NOW FREE 01709 242454