Electric Infrared Marquee Heater & Pole Bracket

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Introducing the Ultimate Infrared Marquee Heater: Warmth, Elegance, and Pure Convenience!

Event Hosts! Picture this: a cosy evening in a marquee, your guests comfortably warm, chatting and laughing, and not a sign of those obnoxious fumes or smells that conventional heaters produce. Sounds dreamy, right?

Presenting our Large Infrared Marquee Heater - the epitome of modern heating technology, crafted with your utmost convenience in mind. This isn't just any heater; it's the future of outdoor event comfort!

Here's why it's a game-changer:

Versatile Clamping System: Seamlessly clamps onto any structure from 12.5mm to 60mm diameter. Perfect for awnings, marquees, gazebos, and more.

Radiant Infrared Technology: Feel the warmth instantly! Unlike traditional heaters, this gem warms directly, eliminating the need to heat the air in between. It's efficient, powerful, and oh-so-comfortable.
Ideal for Multiple Setups: From marquees to parasols, ensure every corner of your event is filled with inviting warmth.

Wall Mountable: Flexibility is key! Choose to clamp or mount on a wall, according to your event's needs.

Elevate your event's ambience and ensure your guests' comfort with our Infrared Marquee Heater. Say goodbye to chilly evenings and hello to cosy memories. Click now to bring warmth to your event, without the fuss!

Stock is limited. Ensure warmth at your next event. Secure yours today!
* No fumes or smell
* Easy attachable bracket
* Spreads a warm amber glow
* Increases the time you can spend outdoors
* Provides targeted heat at the flick of a switch
* 1000w heater tube
* 2000 Hours Working Life
* 5m heavy duty rubber cable.
* RoHS, CE, IP23 certified
* 13amp plug & fuse

Length: 33cm
Height: 23cm
Depth: 15cm
Weight: 3.5kg

Recommended Heaters For Marquees
2.5m x 2.5m – QTY: x1
2.5m x 5m – QTY: x2
3m x 2m – QTY: x1
3m x 3m – QTY: x1
3m x 4m – QTY: x2
3m x 4.5m – QTY: x2
3m x 6m – QTY: x2
3m x 8m – QTY: x3
3m x 10m – QTY: x3
3m x 12m – QTY: x4
4m x 4m – QTY: x2
4m x 6m – QTY: x2
4m x 8m – QTY: x3
4m x 10m – QTY: x4
4m x 12m – QTY: x4
6m x 4m – QTY: x2
6m x 6m – QTY: x3
6m x 8m – QTY: x4
6m x 10m – QTY: x5
6m x 12m - QTY: x6

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